“Logging off…” PSM shuts it’s doors

I don’t know how long the PSM website will stay up but I wanted to document this sad moment. PSM had a massive effect on me and my experience in the vapor scene. I wrote a whole lot of memories and thoughts on the twitter announcement. It’s long but truly their influence is bigger than they probably know.

Here’s matttintosh plus announcement in full:

Private Suite as a company, as a magazine, a podcast, a website, and a hub for vaporwave has been a staple to the vaporwave community for over two years now. But as all things come to an end, so it is with Private Suite Media. Private Suite has grown to unimaginable heights, with upwards of fifty staff at times. Unfortunately, it is very difficult trying to manage so many different volunteers with so many different backgrounds and positions. As such, maki, PONYDANZA and I have decided it is time for us to log off. It’s been a great two and a half years, with fourteen issues and some amazing work done by some very talented people. We are not going to be putting PSM under new management, and as such, Issue 14 is going to be our final issue, and there will be one more podcast episode recorded and released. Private Suite Magazine is going to end on a high note, and I think Issue 14 is “in key.” The Discord server is still going to be left running as long as there’s interest, and maybe some of us will cross paths on other projects!

I personally would like to thank everyone who has contributed to PSM in any way over the years, whether you contributed with your talents, financially, or by doing so much as reading the magazine occasionally. Every article, every social media post, every edit has all made PSM the best magazine the vaporwave community has ever seen. To the OGs that believed in some random high school freshman on the internet, thank you. To the people who liked what we did and joined because you wanted to be a part of a good thing, thank you. To everyone who partnered with us, subscribed, or read the magazine on occasion, thank you. Private Suite went farther than I ever imagined. We accomplished goals I never thought we ever would: we broke ten issues, we made crazy partnerships, we released some dope merch. In my eyes, we beat the game. We set out to make a physical magazine about vaporwave and we did it. But not just once, we did it ten times (hopefully we’ll see the first three on paper too). We were successful.

That being said, we are still going to reprint issues 4-6 (and 1-3 too, hopefully) for those who missed out or want another. This will be a preorder available on our Bandcamp (details TBD). We’ll be keeping everyone updated about this on our socials. Private Suite Media LLC will be dissolved by the end of 2020, so these will be the last magazines we will be releasing. Don’t miss out!

Welp, it’s time to turn in the keys and check out of the suite. But as one chapter finishes, so begins another. As we all move on, who knows? Maybe one of you will start the next big thing!

To be honest, this is like the worst news I’ve ever heard in our scene. It really hits me hard as I didn’t even see it coming. It’s truly a sad day in vapor. PSM is dead, Long live PSM.

"Logging off…" PSM shuts it's doors 5

"Logging off…" PSM shuts it's doors 6

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