Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases

Today’s a great day for all forms of physical release collectors. To start off we have a vaportrap/beats album out by eventual infinity. Then two mini disc releases from Petridisch who makes beautifuly done dark ambient. PowerPCME releases his Friends EP on mini CD. and finally a utopian virtual cassette.

And if that doesn’t get you excited, UK future funk artist Mélonade, releases a single with two artists that totally catches me by surprised. You gotta check that single out. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 3

deep web trap beats by eventual infinity (Limited Edition Purple Cassette)

Like trap beats and vaportrap? This album on cassette and CD for a limited time. I feel like we don’t get enough trap beats on physical so deff support this.

Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 4

Blue Event by Petridisch (Limited Edition “Fish Prints Handmade” Minidisc)

Petridisch has released several MiniDiscs Oct 19th, and I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. These are great darkwave, minimal electronic tracks and it’s super cool to see them on MD for such a good price. Favorite track: Blue Event V

Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 5

Rêve d’un Rêve by Petridisch (Limited Edition “Fish Prints Handmade” Minidisc)

The second Mini Disc from Minimal dark ambient artist Petridish. This time a longer collection of shorter tracks. Favorite track: Hanagoromo

Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 6

Friends EP by PowerPCME (3″ Mini CD)

Originally released after the first 100% Electronicon, PowerPCME has taken advantage of this weekends ECON 2 to celebrate the release of this EP on mini CD. Only 3 left as of this posting, so act quick if you met PowerPCME and want something to remember ECON(s) by here’s your chance.

Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 7

VIRTUAL REALITY ’97 「PLATINUM EDITION」 by ライフMIDI (Limited Edition Cassette)

This utopian virtual / Vaporwave album is a co-release with label Swamp Circle. First time actually hearing of Swamp Circle. There’s only 4 cassettes left as of this post.

Digital Releases

FINE by ネオジオ & CALI四TYPE

ネオジオ & CALI四TYPE team up on Wave Racers Collective to release this “FINE” vaporwave album. I really liked the song ピズモビーチ

Mélonade & Unibe​@​t – Some Type Of Way Feat. J_Ade_ by Mélonade

What an insane collaboration for Mélonade as he teams up with Unibe@t and J_Ade to release this new single. I’m getting strong chill hop vibes off this and I was extremely surprised to hear J_Ades voice. She comes in with a clear, sassy but classic voice that steals to show. Next what catches my ears is the bass guitar line which has to be original just unsure who on the artist list provided that. Completely different from what I’m used to hearing from Mélonade but totally has the feel of a Unibe@t track. I’m interested in seeing what’s next for the 3 of them. They should form a super group and release an EP tbh.

Cainen Lóre by Ráca Faire

The album description details “Using 10TET Microtonal scales, the first and probably last time I’m gonna try it on 10th temperament”. So I had to look up what TET-10 means and found this great article detailing it. Pretty interesting and complex mathematical ways of making an ambient album. Worth the listen for the concept and pushing the boundaries of what ambient can sound like.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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Mélonade, Unibe​@​t & J_Ade_ team up + other album releases 8

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