Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases

I’ve got a story about one of my first few cassette below but if you want to skip that and see what releases came out in the vapor world, check out the Physical Release section and go from there. We did get some awesome cassettes released today, so you’re not going to want to miss it.

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Evergreen by Plastic Flowers

When I first started collecting cassettes I found this album and thought it was amazing that someone printed such an indie album on such an old medium. This was 2014… and I bought 2 of them because I thought this would be worth money it was so rare in my eye. I didn’t know people were into cassettes back then.

Regardless, I was looking at my collection today and saw this album and the memories of those days hit. I actually took my “boom box” out to the lake with my brother and sister. We were walking along this paved running trail and I had my cassette player on my shoulders.

As a kid we had this family joke about a neighbor, we’ll call him Frank. It seemed everywhere we went Frank was there running. Dude just loved to run. It eventually became a joke when we saw someone running anywhere, my Dad would yell out the window “FRANK”. It made us kids laugh.

Well back on the trail, who would show up other than the man himself, Frank. No matter how often we talked to the guy he always seemed oblivious to the fact we were neighbors. I wonder what he was thinking when this album was blasting as we yelled his name while he ran by… fun how 5+ years later music is able to remind you of those stories.

We ended up going down to the like to fish that day with only this album on the deck. Happy to see this cassette did sell out eventually.

Physical Releases

Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases 3

Parader by HATENA (Limited Edition Two-Color Print Chrome Cassette in White Case)

I originally wrote about Parader a while back. Even had it show up on that miniDisc video I did in Australia. If you wanted to own it on cassette, here’s a very special limited edition (without a picture of what it looks like 😫). I grabbed one because every track on this one is total banger. HTNA needs to get on 100% Electronicons’ bill already.

Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases 4

あなたのために、私たちのために by 夢のチャンネル (夢のチャンネル – “あなたのために、私たちのために” Cassette Tape)

I was checking out IndyAdvant‘s bandcamp collection and saw this album was a purchase of his. This album reminds me of like before bed music. Smooth jazz that is so relaxed that I’m sure at the end of it I’d be knocked out cold in a peaceful beneficial way.

Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases 5

PURPLE VISIONS by Karaoke VHS (Limited Edition Cassette)

The cassette art on this looks really classic with that grainy skyline and blue purple sky. If you like lo-fi sounding almost signalwave mastered 80s late night, you’ll love this album.

Oh did you know Karaoke in chinese is 卡拉OK (Ka-La-O-K)?

Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases 6

E I E N N O H A J I M A R I by Kakumei Shojo (Limited Edition Compact Disc)

In this day of vapor releases, its easy to get overwhelmed and judge an album by it’s first few seconds of music. Refrain (revision) is an example of how music starts one way but evolves in another way. First a dreamy ambient introduction that quickly turns into this almost vinyl scratching upbeat performance that breeds hip-hop vibes with ambient. Never have I heard of such an album, can’t wait for the cassette release.

Digital Releases

8pm session // DMT​​​​​​-​​​​​​769 by Animal Crossing New Leaf Session

I haven’t really talked about my love for Animal Crossing on this channel. I might actually end up making an entire review of the original DS/3DS games but for now we have this interesting DMT tapes release by Animal Crossing New Leaf Session. It’s kind of a mix of various parts the soundtrack and game. If you’ve played the game before, you can sort of paint a picture in your mind of where the music takes you because of previously playing it. There’s not much going on here outside of just slowing down the music but hey, unofficial soundtrack slowed down for your listen delight. I’m not going to lie, I listened to this album longer than I probably should have just because it’s so relaxing.

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Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases 7

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