Meznoyume expresses the pain and confusion behind Okada Yukiko death in new album – 5/7/2019


Today we released our interview with Vape tapes, a Vaporwave label. Both available on youtube and podcast form.

Physical Releases

Content Awareness by Stream☾atcher (vinyl)

Content Awareness by Stream☾atcher (vinyl)

The cassette sells out, the  Mini Disc sells out instantly, and now we are blessed with an exclusive announcement of a vinyl release. I’ve talked about this album like 4 times now, so at this point I just recommend listening to it already and if you dig it, get it on vinyl on June 14.

BREAKS EP by Sonnig 991 (CD)

CD CD CD, don’t see these very often so when Sonnig 991 decided to release on one, so had to check it out.

It wonderful EDM, actually might be my favorite of this genre that i’ve listened to since starting Musics the Hang Up. Super happy with the song Sunshine, I love the DNB dumbs, the sampled voice and for whatever reason reminds me of early PS2 racing games. I don’t like CD… this needs to be on cassette because I want this album in my hands. Crossing my fingers and I’m going to contact Gulf Audio / Sonnig 991 to see if they’re planning on it.

Edition of 50 and shipping immediately.

Damn this is good album, I’ve been listening to it all day and just something super groovy about it. Taking me back to my high school days.

BREAKS EP by Sonnig 991 CD
BREAKS EP by Sonnig 991 CD

Digital Releases

Okada Yukiko
Okada Yukiko

Oddly enough 4/13/2019 we reported on MEZ obsession on Yukiko Okada. But I didn’t really check it out, luckily he promoted a documentary that’s still available if you want to go down that rabbit whole.

Meznoyume (Mezのユメ) – 自殺

Apparently this is a big release for Mezのユメas not only does it get released on DMT today it even got an album review.

For those who don’t know about the album it’s a dedicated piece for the late Okada Yukiko. An 18 year Japanese pop star in the 80s. Her dream of becoming a star was achieved but unfortunately ended at her suicide of unknown reasoning.

It’s a sad horrible story and I think the album completely captures that original dread and feeling everyone of her time must of felt

At first I wasn’t feeling the album but after reading Mezのユメalbum description is changed my mind. “Also, a strange coincidence – I began the production of this album on April 8th, 2019, three days before I knew the date Yukiko Okada had died. What this means, I do not know. But I like to think that, perhaps somehow, the tragic figure had some hand in shaping this creative representation of her life.”

I’d like to think that there was some higher purpose of all of this and I’m grateful Mez was able to take this tragedy and create music from it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. You have a special tie to her now.

Scene News

Meznoyume expresses the pain and confusion behind Okada Yukiko death in new album - 5/7/2019 5

Zen and Vaporwave written by Mezのユメ has an article about Zen and Vaporwave. Even comparing it to Wabi – Sabi & Haikus, as well as the Aesthetics and more. It’s long, detailed and wonderful. Check the full article here.


So here’s something weird, not even sure where I found this. but KRAUT FILM released a Blu-ray of a japanese artist Jun Kurosawa (黒澤潤 “片足の神様” [Blu-ray]). Again never heard of either the film company or the short film producer… these films received high reputation at film festivals but were not released until recently. Film ranging from 1988 to 2003. Ok so why post about it? Cause it’s super weird and experimental. Reminds me of some of the stuff SIC Records put out. Plus it’s weird obscure Japanese stuff that maybe would never be heard of, so why not. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of what I mean.

Meznoyume expresses the pain and confusion behind Okada Yukiko death in new album - 5/7/2019 6

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