Midnight Memories + other releases

Quite a few releases over the weekend into Monday. Some chillwave house, classic vaporwave, a bunch of cassettes and re-releases. Oddly enough most of the releases are from artists who are not so common in the scene, so it’s a good day to get introduced to the possible future well known artists in the vapor scene. Like being informed in the vapor scene? Join us on Patreon or Grab a T-Shirt to show your support~

Gemini by Bytemapper

The Album art surely reminds me of an old VHS tape box, the experience of listening is completely different. This is more on the IDM / House side of vapor, actually if this wasn’t released on Wave racers collective and didn’t have the album aesthetic I’d just think this was for the house scene. What’s even weirder the album is tagged chillwave, I guess I can feel some elements in the melodies but this has a different feel for me maybe chill house? Regardless, it’s a welcoming album to listen to at 3 tracks, added to my wishlist.

EP by Sage Hardware

Released back in August, this amazing electronic, vapor, screaming induced album is now (still?) available on cassette. There’s just something super unique in sound coming out of Sage Hardware. I covered their music back on halloween so had to get into their other music. Worth checking out 100%.

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Incubus by Tokyo Wanderer

“This is not a Future Funk album. This is an experience, beautiful and dark and and emotional and very personal. It’s been a while since an album, as a single listening experience, has been so richly rewarding to me. I am a firm believer in this album, and I can’t wait for you to get a chance to hear it.” – Coraspect Records

I wrote about this album when it was first released, even made the official music video for one of the track, so it’s safe to say I’m stoked to announce it’s finally on cassette with Coraspect. Grab it while it’s available.

Midnight Memories by Hopeful Romantics

“Hopeful Romantics is an up-and-coming future funk artist who has been making some pretty big waves recently with singles on Topaze Club and some hit tracks on Soundcloud.” – Palm 84

This is their first release with Palm 84 and it’s such an impressive release that Palm 84 has also announced they’ll be releasing a cassette soon. I really liked the tracks Holding On. I’ll let you know when this releases on cassette, so if you haven’t already sign up to our emailing list at the bottom of the back to always stay in the now in the vapor scene.

花の歌 by d10xn.zip

It feels like it’s been a while since I talked about a Seikomart release for some reason. (Even though I did notice Seikomart liked all my instagram posts the other day, hope your fingers are recovered). This time around, we got a nice sci-fi feeling, open world ambient album. The first track gives me vibes of the PS2 opening song mixed with Jack and Dexter, in grassy fields.

“Still drifting in gardens of consciousness, streets and mountains faraway. But this time more spiritual aspect of life, going towards the absolute. Ancient timeless hermetic teachings. Virtual reality aural aria.” – Seikomart

L e i t m o t i f by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL

Originally released in 2018, this classic vaporwave album is back on cassette for second edition. This time the cassette is in a deep dark blue while j-card looks exactly the same. Fun fact this even had a floppy disc release at one point. The album art on this does look classy and i love the shadow work on that arm. Foreign G F, who doesn’t want one.

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Honorable mentions

I can’t listen to all the music, every day so here’s some albums I still need to check out but you should know about. Let me know how they sound on discord, twitter or instagram;

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