MTHU is at 100% ElectroniCON! [will keep updating]


Just wanted to give a quick update that most likely, I wont have to do the daily releases until Monday as I’ll be experience the wonderful 100% ElectroniCON weekend.

I plan on seeing Telepath, George Clanton, NxxxxxS, Saint Pepsi and so many others, so if you see me around hit me up. I’ll be giving away free Musics the Hang Up stickers to everyone I meet, so don’t be shy.

While at the show, I’ll be documenting as much as I can and meeting as many artists as possible. So look for concert info, interviews and more in the future.

Also tonight (Friday), I’ll be going to the cassette swap, I don’t have anything to swap but I do want to document some collections. So I’ll be around meeting all your vapor collectors and seeing how vast peoples collections are. If you want to get on show, this is a good opportunity to meet me and talk about your collection.

Alright, I’m still in JFK and wanted to write this out real quick before I go explore the big apple. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. How cool is it that we have such an experience.

Who are you most excited to see at the show? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Day 1 – Cassette swaps / PSM / Surfing

Just quick update from the floor of my PSM hotel room. lol. I’m super tired so I want to get a decent rest for tomorrow. IT”S FINALLY HERE!!!

I’ll deff put together a video of all the cassettes I’ve seen thus far.

Day 2 – 100% Electronicon

What a day. From having George Clanton know who I was coming up to him, to meeting Porter Vong to seeing Christtt play live and dancing to Saint Pepsi it will be a night I will relive for ever.

I got a lot of footage of the show and I plan on doing a pretty big review of the whole time with my thoughts and memories. Look for that in the future. I’m so tired, my body hurts so much. But damn am I happy to have experienced such an event. Thanks you everyone for I share this timeline with I love you all.

If I had to pick my favorite sets it would be, Christtt, Vaperror, Hawaii94, George Clanton, T e l e p a t h and Saint Pepsi. but I’ll talk more about that soon 😛

Day 3 – New York City

Day 3… I still can’t believe what I just experienced. I woke up with a huge smile on my face and so many memories that I kept on thinking about. Luckily for me, I was staying with the Private Suite person (specifically IndyAdvent and Maki) and we figured we’d hang out for the day. Little did we know we’d be living up the vapor dream for another day.

I come down from my hotel room to see what the days plan was seeing off some of the early PSM leavers. Then I find out Porter Vong is coming to our hotel to hang out for a bit and talk business with the magazine. I knew this was my chance to finally get him on the show. The richest man in Vaporwave should also be called the nicest as the busy man let me interview him.

What’s even more amazing is after the interview, everyone (PSM) was hanging out and the man behind Porter Vong was a really sweet dude and we knew we all just had to hang out today.

So that started the adventure of Indy, Maki, Porter Vong and me (Kite0080) heading off into the Big Apple. The first stop Nintendo world, then food, drinks and as the day went on we all reflected on the 100% Electronicon experience, our favorite sets and how amazing our scene really is.

If I took one thing out of 100% Electronicon it was we are truly all a massive family that came together from the Internet. There was not a single moment for any of us that felt awkward, weird or anything like that. The second we saw people and told us their online handles, it was like we knew each other for years and catching up in real live was super natural.

At one point we went to the Central Park to walk around and as we did we ran into another group of 100% Electronicon goers (Q, Qs GF, Stewart, etc) and the statement held true, we all just formed a mega group and continued to live out this amazing weekend. We saw the city, ate dinner and shared stories of lives and the effects of vaporwave it had on all of us.

For me this showed me that 100% Electronicon wasn’t just one night it was a symbol of the state of the entire scene. As long as we are able to continue to stay in contact, keep being creative and sharing this crazy music genre called vaporwave, 100% Electronicon will always stay live.

Day 4 – leaving

I’m in the airport as I write this. I’m nervously off to Japan will so much I wanna to share about 100% and very little sleep. I convinced IndyAdvent to wake up with me at 6:00 to help me with an uber (I don’t have an american phone number). Seriously that guy is a saint, I’m so grateful to have your help indy. Thank you for everything.

Private Suite really treated me way to kindly and brought me in as their own. I know I wrote a few articles with them and hung out with PuffyCheeses in Australia but I’m not core staff. but this weekend I felt like I was. I know I would not have had such an amazing experience without these guys. So huge massive, the biggest of shoutout with all my heart to those guys.

If you’re not already familiar with Private Suite, they run the most beautiful magazine and (more) popular vaporwave podcast. If you’re a big fan of vaporwave collecting (Cassettes, vinyl) you need to start collecting Private Suite magazine. I have the latest 2 and the quality completely blows my mind. Check out their Patreon here

My brain is working on fumes at this point. The past 3 nights have just been too hype to sleep. I will project call this the end of updating this for now but I’ll come out with a few videos on the entire experience that I can wait to share. Expect a T e l e p a t h live show recording out later today. So make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date

I also have a lot of footage on my twitter or instagram. . I’ve got a bunch of photos with people and artists and recordings of the sets. So you’re totally going to want to check it out.

100% Electronicon 2 has been announced. Plan on going? Let me know on twitter or instagramMaybe I’ll go too and we can relive this kind of night together.

— Kite0080

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MTHU is at 100% ElectroniCON! [will keep updating] 3

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