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MTHU had a chance to sit down with Malaysian Future Funk artist, NATIONAL ナショナル, for a quick interview about their Vapor Career. NATIONAL ナショナル has been in the Future Funk scene since Sept, 2016, releasing dozens of EP/singles and albums and as of recently on cassette with First Class Collective. They are on top of their game and I had to learn more about them. Follow NATIONAL ナショナル on Twitter: @FM_NATIONAL_

How did you get into future funk?

  • Through Youtube recommended section. A music video called “Saint Pepsi – Tell me”. I’ve constantly played the song for a week.

Who are your biggest influences?

  • Tendencies, Unibe@t, Cape Coral, Childhood, Dante Mars Ajeto, Supersex420, CVLTVRΣ and S U R F I N G.

Who is your favorite label you’ve worked with?

  • First Class Collective.

You’ve released multiple cassettes, when can we expect a vinyl release?

  • Maybe? I tried to do a vinyl release on Qrates but I don’t have the minimum required backers to fund the release. It got like 34/100 backers. The number of audiences is not there yet.

Do you have any interesting Future Funk stories (with other artists / label / fans)?

  • That one time, I discovered another Malaysian making Future Funk music. He remixed old 80s malay disco songs. His music was featured on Artzie Music channel. The music video was called ‘Fi7i- Red is my fav colour too’. Then I realized there were only 2 people in Malaysia making future funk music (maybe). I think people don’t know future funk or vaporwave because it is not a very popular genre here.

How would you describe the NATIONAL ナショナル Aesthetic?

  • Pastel colours, old 80s 90s computers, Windows XP 95, palm trees, tropical flowers, Kuala Lumpur city.
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If you had to pick one song to introduce NATIONAL ナショナル to new fans, what song would it be?

  • 【TROPIC Λ L】​/​/​ ゴニが

What does 2020 look like for NATIONAL ナショナル?

  • Mixed. Released two songs and an album on cassette. The First Class Collective label did a great job. I stayed in my room everyday because of the outbreak. So, I got nothing to do but play games, especially Minecraft. I thought I could advertise and expose them to future funk and vaporwave.

Find NATIONAL ナショナル on Bandcamp:

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