Neo Motel releases dozens of vintage Japanese cassette & more

Welcome to the daily news of 5/12/2019 for Future Funk and vaporware.

Physical Releases

Neo Motel releases dozens of vintage Japanese cassette & more 1

ネオモーテル / NEO MOTEL

I didn’t get a chance to listen to most of these but I was surprised today when I got an email from bandcamp with such a big release. Looks like it might be a mix of vintage Japanese artists. Prepare your wallet though as the prices are higher than what our scene is used to seeing. But the value must be there when some of them are sold out already.

Visit their bandcamp here

キャンディー by synchro//start

キャンディー by synchro//start

Here’s a weird release. A cassette is now for sale but the option to listen to it before buying isn’t set up. You can listen to the original digital on Sunset Grid so maybe it’s a label issue. Still cool to see this get a cassette release

Digital Release

BOON by Forbidden Cremme

Kind of a creepy album art, so wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this electronic “hardvapor” release. but it’s actually really good easy to listen to chill music. The background voices are kind of off-putting but it made it interesting.

Actually feel like this album would good well on a midnight drive after a late night adventure home. Kind of want it on cassette.

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