Neoncity Records announces first compilation album & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News

Neoncity Records

Just announced that Neoncity Records is doing their first compilation album and to kick it off, they are doing a give away of the album. You must follow them and retweet the post to enter.

Looking at the. photo the following artists are on the comp; Android Apartment, Android 52, Aritus, Desired, Future Girlfriend Music, Macross 82-99, Moe Shop, Nanidato, Night Tempo, Riverwave, Tanuki & Vantage.

Pretty sick line up if you ask me. The album will release next week on cassette. Surely one you won’t want to miss.

Physical Releases



Releasing both on Cassette and VHS. Only 25 VHS will be released but it containsa full music video for HORSEPOWER and an edit and demo version. it\’s cool to get a VHS every once in a while The music is kind of ambient experimental so i can’t imagine what the visuals are going to be like.

Neoncity Records announces first compilation album & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News 1

*SUPERSET Miho Nakayama 6 USED Cassettes

Everyone once in a while Neo Motel get his hands on some used cassettes from the golden era of Japanese City Pop artists. Here’s 6 set cassette for 150 USD

Neoncity Records announces first compilation album & other Future Funk / Vaporwave News 2

*SUPER Wink 4 Cassettes Set

Another set of 4 cassettes at $200 USD. From Neo Motel. Here’s a pretty popular song of theirs on Youtube.

Digital Releases

Inakamichi 「田舎道」 by Crystal Cola (single)

The first single from Crystal Cola in a while but it’s been worth the way. He’s given us a wonderful wobbily oriental track for an easy listening on a sunday morning. Good to see him back.

C​:​\​Windows​\​User​\​Error by iacon

Fun fact, the album art ha my hometown on it. 3 tracks of cozy fornature music, sounds like music that could be played while looking for a new bed in sears.

ℵ⅀۞ℳÅ↳∟ by •℧ℕΩ₦¡✘ ☾◕ℜ♇•

New mallsoft album out by •℧ℕΩ₦¡✘ ☾◕ℜ♇•. “I used to dive for all the wrong guys” in the first track is a cool phrase, we should bring dive back.

絡み合った思い出 by PLAT

i really like the track 風の強い夜. It’s good this lobby or vacant mall feel but then it sounds like it’s on a train. Imagine if they built malls inside trains, now there’s an idea.

Be The Best That You Can Be by creative_reality17

I usually only listen to the A* on these releases but today I switched it up. Went straight for B3, got a nice chill EDM flowing wave. This in and out fading soft drone keeps the sound alive while the drum keeps things interesting. I was hoping for some kind of change up but just a repeative of the key melody.

Emulators Plus by insight NetProject

Oh cool, an album based around video game emulation or at least that seems to be the theme. It\’s a new idea to me.

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