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ドリームラウンジ by from tokyo to honolulu

ドリームラウンジ by from tokyo to honolulu (cassette)

New signalwave cassette out from “from tokyo to honolulu”, the ablum ドリームラウンジ. It has the old city pop album art feel, the colors are fantastic.


Heartland club by SIMULAMEMOREX® n. 66

the 313 release under the B O G U S // COLLECTIVE. It’s semi future mallsoft sounding, the intro song is robotic and then everything after is off in the distance, like mallsoft should just this time with a feel of uncertainty.

水に流す by desert sand feels warm at night

This is the first release from DSFWAN since his massive successful launch of several cassettes with Seikomart. As expected very chill ambient slushwave with some shorter tracks. If you’re already a fan you’re going to love it.

remember by goodbye

The 3rd release with Marble Tapes by goodbye. Pure vaporwave.

New cassette by "from Tokyo to Honolulu" & other news 3

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