New Climatewave & Future Funk in limited supply on cassette (& other news)


Welcome to your Monday round up of Future Funk and Vaporwave news. Cassette, digital and music videos, what else can you ask for to start off the week just right.

Music Video Releases

Physical Releases

New Climatewave & Future Funk in limited supply on cassette (& other news) 1

flight night by (株)目黒企画 (cassette )

Some Future Funk to start your week off with. I love this album art.

New Climatewave & Future Funk in limited supply on cassette (& other news) 2

mysterious broadcast by snow 雪 (Limited Edition Cassette)

Why does climate wave make me feel so warm. I love how it replicates the same feeling of turning on a radio, which I never was able to emulate until this genre was introduced to me. I love.

Digital Releases

Amour by Julio Returns

Another great nu disco album off Sunset Grid records. I think the self title track, Amour, is the catchiest off the album. The background talking and the vocal sample paint an early 2000s simpler time in my mind. Also the glitch girl in the album art is oddly attractive.

troubles by sun enterprise (single)

Sun Enterprise releases a new single with a what I think is pure original instrumentals. Piano, a repetitive baseline and a drum that.. sounds like everything was from GarageBand. Kind of has an asian feel to it. eh but it’s got Spike.

YOU by ファンクGROOVE-FM (single)

GROOVE-FM digging deep into that disco feels on this one. From the album art “you” to the music, it’s funky and fresh. Love that trumpet solo.
“From CITY DRIVE II, coming June 15th on Palm ’84!”

Dex Coeurs (single) by ファンクGROOVE-FM

A second single released today by GROOVE-FM, unsure if it’s going on CITY DRIVE II or not. This time feels like an arcade roller ring. Disco grooves. idk how long i started at that album art for. It looks like water but what’s coming out of it?

SYSTEM ENGAGE by Daibakaze

vaporcide, first time seeing that tag. This album is very industral, like the foundry in tony hawk just without the skateboarding. Then a song like DIGITAL FOLIAGE surprises me and everything feels safe. Interesting album indeed.

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