New & Noteworthy (June – July 2020)

This article was originally published in Vapor-zine “Visual Signals: ISSUE ZERO

Voidworld by 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ

Voidworld, a dark empty world with melodic additions the further you explore it. From being welcomed into the OS to shutting down, this album is full of dreamscapes and simulation vibes that will always stand the test of time. Let’s keep his legacy alive by taking a listen every once in a while. Favorite Track: Psychedelic Breeze

Return 2 The Source – Feat Jensen Interceptor & SHED by DJ Haus

This 5 track album encompasses what I imagined minimalism in dance would sound like; Primitive frequencies mixed with high action percussion. Oftentimes the track might seem too minimal but with the right set of headphones, a layer of complexity can be found. It makes for the experience of listen to the album more of a hunt of music in the chaos instead of music in itself. Favorite Track: Bit Too Deep (SHED Remix)

Sentimental Transmission by 天気予報

I recently bought this on cassette after Siobhan (on discord) told me it was one of their favorite 天気予報 albums. They described it was an album that always made them tear up a little and I totally agree. There’s something more sorrowful inside and I think it’s because of the crackling vinyl on every track. Additionally, the first track on the album sets the mood better than any other album of 天気予報. The reverb on the peaceful piano and the static brings back past memories and hopefulness. It actually reminds me of a specific street outside my old apartment in 八卦岭. A street where the sun once rose over the Japanese named hotel. The cross section between my apartment and the construction in front of the my second favorite pizza place. The long streets I used to ride a bike to work on. The few times I would ride my skateboard to Starbucks to read a book. Those moments I’ll never get back. Those memories are my own sentimental transmissions. Favorite Track: Crumbling

Bonemann Radio by Bonemann

This isn’t your typical vapor release as it plays off the idea of piracy and plunderphonics to make complex and groovy mashups. Each track takes elements from late pop culture and turns them into new experiences. It’s different than hip-hop or DJing, but I can see it’s roots. Favorite Track: What A Rush (open up for Dave, already!)

Clairvoyance by Monokawa

A beautiful collection of ambient plunderphonics ripped straight from the artists late grandfather’s vinyl collection. Each track has an eerie tone and amplified cracks to really set the mood. The sample selected is incredible and It’s nice their grandpa can live on in the digital realms. Favorite Track: It May Look Peaceful, But Danger is Always Present

不是你的春夢 Not Your Wet Dream by 我是機車少女 i’mdifficult

Based in Taipei, this little indie pop project hit all the shoe-gaze / bedroom-pop feels for me. The male vocals might be an acquired taste but I like how it’s thrown around. I had to grab a cassette. Favorite Track: The entire album sorry.

New & Noteworthy (June - July 2020) 5
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New & Noteworthy (June - July 2020) 6

New & Noteworthy (June - July 2020) 7

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