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What a Saturday we have in the vapor world. So much cassette and vinyl released. So music label news. Even more digital releases. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and found something they enjoy listening to because of this post. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Midnight Ads by S U P E R F L A T スーパーフラット (vinyl)

Ever want to listen to a collection of commericals on vinyl? Well unfortunately for you this is actually a future funk album~ Did see that coming did you? This is a limit of 200 copies on a brown vinyl (sticking with the theme) and will be shipping out the 11th of Nov. Originally released in 2018, it’s great to see this get on vinyl. Congrats S U P E R F L A T スーパーフラット on teaming up with My Pet Flamingo.

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Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ (Limited Edition Vinyl)

For the 3rd time Kirayoshi is trying to get this on vinyl. Help support the guys dreams come true and grab a copy on qrates.

Terminal 14 by Sweeps (digital pre-order)

Retro space age lo-fi hip-hop artist Sweeps is back at it again with another intergalactic album this time on a 6$ pre-order. For now we can only listen to one track and it’s kind of disappointing it’s only a digital release, as when I saw pre-order I thought we were getting a cassette release. releases December 20, 2019, so grab the pre-order now or look forward to that release in the future.

“Terminal 14, located in Nebula IC 2118, acts as a home away from home for nomadic drifters, cargo crews, and mission men. This transmission depicts the stories shared on Terminal 14.” – Sweeps

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Echoes From the Concourse by NINENINENINE (Limited Edition)

NINENINENINE has teamed up with Japanese label Seikomart to help remember a mall or toystore of NINENINENINE’s past. 9 tracks of vaporwave can be yours on cassette now. Favorite track: Backroom

NINENINENINE has also released a second album on cassette today with Seikomart, West Park Pioneer. Find that here.

Before Sundown by waterfront dining (digital)

Waterfront dining is back on Aloe City Records with a digital vaporwave album. Waterfront dining has been making quite a name for their self these days and what’s your favorite album of theirs? Let me know on twitter.

You’ll get nice 80s grooves off this album with mastering that sounds very similar to the faint echos of mallsoft. With tracks like finding oz, this almost feels like a 80s pop album more than a vaporwave one but that’s why people love waterfront dining.

News: Pacific Plaza Records

I didn’t notice Pacific Plaza Records was missing but apparently they’ve been full with concerts and will be cleaning out the house of their tapes, so keep an eye on their bandcamp for this upcoming Monday. Here’s the full email they sent out:

It’s been a while since we released any music eh? Our live events were so fucking cool this past month and I’m excited to say that more tape swaps and DJ nights are in the works- here in Orange County as well as an international event in 2020 👀

BUT, we still need to do some house cleaning from the tape swap and ECon weekend so check out bandcamp on MONDAY 11/11 at 11:11am (PST), make a wish and hopefully your dreams will come true! 

We will be dropping extra copies of PowerPCME, eventual infinity, and DATAGIRL’s recent releases. Here is what we have left…

PowerPCME: 5 tapes, 3 Mini CDs 
eventual infinity: 8 tapes, 6 Mini CDs
DG: 3 tapes, 5 Mini CDs


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It’s been a while since I talked about the Hip-hop label SIC RECORDS but every once in a while they release something that interests me and today that’s this Jazz Playaz Quartet. It’s not available for listening yet but will be released on a blue vinyl and cassette. I’m guessing it’s going to be lo-fi hip-hop but with high production value. Sounds exciting, here’s their full email:


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命の息 (Breath of Life) by 汽≈ (Limited Edition)

I’ve talked about this album a while back, happy to see it get a cassette release with Seikomart because it looks beautiful. The dark colors on the black cassette is sweet. If you like dark ambient this album is for sure.

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