Night Tempo Rewinds and gives us vinyl + other releases

Physical Releases

Night Tempo Rewinds and gives us vinyl + other releases 1

Alcove EP by Puppy Seeds (Three Merch Bundle Deal with Pin)

“n the ‘’Alcove EP’’, Puppy Seeds describes her personal memoirs about past love stories, magical places and dreamy landscapes. Soft and delicate melodies accompany the 7 intimate pieces of her new musical work.” – album description

Night Tempo Rewinds and gives us vinyl + other releases 2

Pure Baby Maker [Rewind] by Night Tempo ([NCR003] Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl (Start shipping in 3~6 weeks))

It’s been a while since I saw a Night Tempo vinyl release. Originally released in 2017, this release contains “8 remastered tracks from ‘Pure Baby Maker’ & 2 from ‘Night Tempo’ + 1 new track”

Digital Releases

Cybertronic Invasion; Odyssey by Photonic Optics

Huh, finally a new vaporwave sub genre, Vikingwave. The onyl track that really stood out as maybe viking was his Greensleeves redition on track 8. I do like the idea of Medieval folk, so I’ll be looking closely at this artist. I think the use of synths instead of “medieval” sounding instruments is what is throwing me off.


The vapor funk and VHS vinyl on this brings a kind of joy only a vaporwave album can bring me. The samples are great, the drum beats groove and those VHS wobbles are some of the best I’ve heard. Like take everything great about Future Funk, throw it through some VHS and then add in Lo-Fi tricks and that’s this album. This deserves a better album cover tho. There’s so much vibes on this and I think people will pass it up because of the pure text.

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