Pad Chennington releases Mini Disc & more – 5/4/2019

Physical Releases

CONTRAST by Pad Chennington

CONTRAST by Pad Chennington (Mini Disc)

I believe Pad Chennington’s first Mini Disc release. It’s an album full of pure future funk and dance beats that I feel are starting to fit live performances. Before the release I was really enjoying the song Babe, which actually has a music video themed around Rocky as that’s where the conversation in the song comes from. Catch that video here.

Oddly enough he followed me yesterday 🤔

Content Awareness by Stream☾atcher mini disc

Content Awareness by Stream☾atcher (mini disc)

One of my favorite albums released this year announced on mini disc (was it even announced?) and then it sold out as quickly as the email from bandcamp came in. With a limited run of 20 I guess I understand why. I’m starting to dig the idea behind mini disc.

サクラSAKURA-LEE - Star Virgin EP mini disc

サクラSAKURA-LEE – Star Virgin EP (mini disc)

Thankfully @LucidShores contacted me and let me know that サクラSAKURA-LEE was releasing Star Virgin EP on Mini Disc today.

There’s only 30, so if you don’t want to miss it like I did with Content Awareness mini disc today, stay glued to the bandcamp at 10:00am EST

Digital Releases

DMT Tapes FL Demo 2 // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​701 by Jeffrey Holmes

The first track is a creepy slowed down Walts that oddly reminds me of Disney land for some reason. Then the next song in the same style. This is new to me. So I kept listening… Isolated Tape, 一六。。三三一六三二,now we are getting into creepy Chinese. I had to turn it off. Gave me the creeps.

CROSSOVER by shnozberry fields

Scooby Doo anime on the cover? Chill vaporwave the inside. I can’t tell where this artist is trying to take the album. Soft in some areas crunchy in others with a wah-wah leading the way. Experimental vaporwave at the core ambient in nature.


“GEORGE CLANTON BREAKS HIS ANKLE AND OTHER FUTURE FUNK & VAPORWAVE NEWS”, yesterday’s weekly news was released. Probably my proudest episode yet (episode 38 btw and weekly #8). No only did the after effects in this video come out perfect, I think the show notes are also formatted in a direction I want to take future episode releases.

For new people to the site, every Tuesday a Future Funk or Vaporwave interview is released and on Friday a weekly news for the scene is released. So stay tune and up to date by subscribing on YouTube or podcasts everywhere. All episodes here.

Pad Chennington releases Mini Disc & more - 5/4/2019 5

Pad Chennington releases Mini Disc & more - 5/4/2019 6

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