Pad Chennington’s new album + other releases

Welcome to Musics the Hang Up’s daily vapor releases. Today we saw Pad Chennington’s new album, dewdropper, get released. The classic vapor album, 新しい日の誕生 by 2814, officially released on vinyl again. Another label moving away from soundcloud and more. Check it out below:

dewdropper by Pad Chennington

Pad Chenning is out with his second full length Future Funk album, dewdropper. This time we are seeing it released directly on My Pet Flamingo which is an interesting change. The top tracks from the fans are Amalfi, Better than 20 Million. and my personal favorite Combat which includes. a feature with HATENA. You’ll also notice that FIBRE is also on the album as he did master on this just like Pad’s last album.

Also big ups to Pad for getting Saint Pepsi on the list as the last track, Seasons of Disco, pumps out the disco jams in a nice collab. Which of these songs do you think will get a proper music video first?

NEWS: Gorgeous Lights

As you may have seen earlier last week Soundcloud dropped a big bomb on smaller artists who didn’t use their pro service by limiting upload count and forcing a lot of artists to remove a lot of their older music to upload new. Gorgeous lights was one of those as they released a statement stating they ended up cancelling their pro subscription all together (I guess in protest). Fortunately, Gorgeous Lights has upload the vaporwave mixes on their bandcamp, check it out here.

Hillary: R E M E M B E R by Azuresands大麻

Leave it up to Azuresands to cash in off the nostalgic power of a loser potential president. Hillary: R E M E M B E R is now on cassette with an edition of 15. A nice “I Voted” sticker plastered on a pitch black cassette alsmot to say, i voted and lost but it’s the world has done dark because of it. If you thought Bill Clinton had swag, wait until you see the classy look of Hillary on this album art.

This is like the 100th time this went on cassette, but out of all the others this one is my favorite because of the simplicty of that cassette sticker.

新しい日の誕生 by 2814

Pad Chennington's new album + other releases 5

The album that started it all for a lot of vapor fans, 新しい日の誕生, is back on vinyl. Dream Catalogue knows their worth pricing. this one at 45 GBP, but at a lower price on their official store. I guess bandcamp takes too much of a precentage.

This wonderful ambient, post vapor dreampunk album is literally one of the most incredible albums released on our scene. I’ve used it countless times to fall a sleep. Other times to get away from my troubles. It’s like music virtual medication. If I wasn’t low on cash, I’d totally grab a copy but my itunes version will have to do for now. It’s not one I recommend missing if you don’t already own it and have the cash.

Sorry I’ve been missing for a minute there. I needed an extending break from the computer since Thanksgiving. I experienced a lot of loss from the lack of excitement over the signalwave book and it kind of hit me harder that I expected. I have some new ideas for next year, so don’t worry. I’m just getting started. I hope everyone is well and we’ll talk soon. See you tomorrow for another daily releases.

Also, I didn’t talk about some releases today but I did add them to the calendar. Don’t forget to check that out here.

Pad Chennington's new album + other releases 6

Pad Chennington's new album + other releases 7

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