QTV’s NeoNet Movement & other Future Funk/Vaporwave News – 5/11/2019

Daily News for 5/11/2019 in the Future Funk and Vaporwave scene (plus sub-genres)

Physical Releases

ANNIVERSARY VOL​​.​​6 by Business Casual

It actually wasn’t expected to be released. Earlier last week I reach out to John Zobele about some question I had for the upcoming “history of Business Casual” video I’m working on and he said, compilations are difficult for the label now since the artists are so ranged. Then this happens! Which is awesome because this anniversary is a special one for me and I grabbed one of the cassettes. I started MTHU this year and to mark it, I want to own this release.

Digital Release

Coastal Cruisin’ by Dallas Raines

Dream sea side utopian virtual. First time hearing from Dallas Raines but I really enjoyed the sound. I really enjoyed the layering of sounds and background noises. Everything just felt really well crafted.

Digital Release – Quick Notes

Some times a digital single is released or smaller releases. So I’m going to start doing quick notes.

by Sunset Ride

Other Scene News


QWERTYテレビ is looking for submissions for their QTV. I guess it’s a movement he’s trying to start that is completely different than anything else in the scene.

“See, I’d like to call this movement the “NeoNet Movement” because everywhere you see, everywhere you look, go, etc., everything seems to be affected by the Internet” QTV explains to me (in a DM). “I guess 1 way to put this is that I am more open-ended than most people, meaning that I have a much more casually easier way to express vaporwave than most people do. Sometimes, it even speaks for itself how my vaportfolio is as of current”.

He was pretty hyper about the idea but it’s interesting to see someone get so excited about their project. So if you’re interested in submitting your “vaporwave” music, contact QTV.

Weekly News

QTV's NeoNet Movement & other Future Funk/Vaporwave News - 5/11/2019 3

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