Recommended Manga (June)

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20th Century Boys

Recommended Manga (June) 5

Based in 1969, 4 boys build a secret hideout to share manga and dirty mags while listening to radio. One of the boys draws a symbol in the base to signify their friendship. Before growing up, the “gang” dreams of a world in which the boys would fight against villains destroying their universe.

After 20+ years since their creation of various stories in their scenario book, their youthful imagination is starting to become reality. An amazing futuristic thriller series.


Recommended Manga (June) 6

After the main character, Susumu Nakoshi, get’s offered money for an experiment by an eccentric rich boy, he starts seeing homunculus figures in every day people. The hole in his forehead is either making him go crazy or he has the ability to see peoples true image. It’s creepy, it’s grotesque and probably one of the best page turners in manga. It made me fall in love with reading manga again.


Recommended Manga (June) 7

Mix is a Japanese baseball themed shōnen that’s actually a sequel to Touch. It’s cool to see how some of the characters in the sequel have grown up and how the main character is following the footsteps of those who brought baseball into the limelight at their junior high-school. It kind of give me the same vibes as initial-d but for baseball.

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