Relive France 1998 World Cup + other releases

Today we’ve got a couple of awesome releases. First a vaporhop beats album from Wizard of Loneliness now up on QRATES. A soccer / futbol based vapor album, which I think is the first time someone in the vaporwave scene touches that sport. A breakfast for the richest business man on cassette and more. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

seasonsWizard of Loneliness

With 21 days left this Vaporhop / beats album is super close to hitting it’s 100 backer goal. Had to shout it out because not to often do we see vaporhop get on vinyl and because I’m a huge fan of gundam (see my discord / twitter image).

I did see a comment on the QRATES asking if this was related to Gundam Wing. I didn’t hear any familiar soundtrack bits from it here nor sound effects. I think it was just an aesthetics choice on art design.

Just an FYI, you can still actually buy this on cassette on Wizard of LonelinessBandcamp. Mine as well grab both for your collection~

France ’98 World Cup by Tito Machete ティトマチェーテ

Who else had a Sega Genesis and loved playing Madden games, that’s the feel this album gives us. Tito Machete ティトマチェーテ recently released another vapor album that brought me back to classic vapor and this album does the same. My cousin is actually a professional soccer player oddly enough. So this is kind of a cool release for me as I feel vaporwave hasn’t touch soccer yet. Favorite track: Soccer Dreams LTD


I don’t remember if i talked about it but theINFINITIpool (the label who released this) and I had an altercations online and then faced each other in IRL at ECON 1. lol. I swore more than I ever had and then offered to give the dude a huge as a peace offering. It sounds bigger than it really was lol.


Anyways, this album by SPORT3000 was released a while back but I noticed it was the only release on theINFINITIpool that wasn’t sold out, so had to give it a shout out. Which actually surprises me because has any taken a close look at that cassette printing? I’ve never seen so much detail on a cassette in my life. theINFINITIpool really knows how to print them.

Reminder: Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ (vinyl)

Talked about this yesterday and will be talking about it until it hopefully gets funding. Derek is a friend of mine and he’s been trying to get this on vinyl for over a year now. Let’s get this “cyberpunk spa” vapor album on vinyl funded!

Innovation革新 by PcUniverse

It’s a great little album that uses the sound of early vaporwave to explore and teach us of a time that started the digital revolution we enjoy every day. But the most I listen the more dark and almost like a mistake that computers kicked off as quickly as they did. The deep pitched down voices, the ambience of the commercials and the slow release of noise kind of takes this exciting idea and makes it anxiety ridden.

Ever wonder what it was like at the turn of the computer innovation from Microsoft and Apple? PcUniverse takes PC instructional samples, computer chimes and retro tech to the next level of vaporwave.

Relive France 1998 World Cup + other releases 3

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Relive France 1998 World Cup + other releases 4

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