RIP 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ

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It was announced earlier in the June on Reddit that Bobby AKA 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ has unfortunately passed away. I personally didn’t know him but the community came together to celebrate his life and share their experiences with him. We saw how our good friend, Vayu, released his cassette, Voidworld. How earlier in the month, Vapor Memory did a stream in his memory and for once the Reddit community came together to be respectful of the situation. 

It’s always sad to lose a member of our community, especially at the age of 23. u/TheBraveToast didn’t give us much information about the death but he did write: 

“I will remember him for his love of dogs, obscure memes, making fun of stupid stuff on the internet, generally strange content, designer clothing, flashy watches, poor taste comedy, and getting stoned with his buddies. He was a strange and generous soul, a truly odd and good egg.”

RIP 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ, thank you for creating such beautiful vaporwave. Your legacy will always live on in our scene. If anyone has any stories they wish to share with the community about him, please join the discussion on Reddit. It’ll be a nice way for future generations who find his music to discover him.

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