S01E15: History and Future of Lund (ℒund) Where Did This Hip-Hop Artist Disappear To?

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In this episode we’ll be checking out ℒund best known for his soundcloud dreamy hip-hop with sad boys raps. In 2016 and 2017 he was up and coming in the scene and in 2018 dropped off. We’ll be checking out his history, what happened and the possible future.

I was first introduced to ℒund from デーモンAstari’s music video for the song BROKEN. Instantly the guitar melody, hard hitting beat while still keeping the minimal beat makes this song too emotional. Then you throw in ℒund’s spoken rap about physical pain and emotional struggle with life and relationships you’re back to sad boys town.

In this episode we’ll be checking out the Purple blue CGI spooky skeleton aka 30k followers no posts on instagram aka you sad bruh from LA or better known as ℒund

If you’ve listen to a few other episodes you know I like poetry and like to share it some time. We’ll the hook of BROKEN is pure poetry. So I’ll prepare my poet voice

Will you end my pain?
Will you take my life?
Will you bleed me out?
Will you hang me out to dry?
Will you take my soul in the midnight rain?
While I’m falling apart
While I’m going
Can you break my bones?
Will you tear my skin?
Can you taste my lust?
Can you feel my sin?

When デーモンAstari released I would eventually find it in 2017 during a mess love mental triangle and it fed into my addiction of depression. So I had to get more and started following ℒunds’ music career a bit more.

Robert Lund AKA Lund is an up and coming soundcloud rapper. I’d say more than up and comming with songs like Broken and Mirror collectively having over 4 million listens on youtube and even more on spotify. Originally gaining fame in 2016 with ALONE and BROKEN he started becoming a soundcloud hit. Listeners attacked by his lazy but heartfelt voicals with pure emotional lyrics and dreamlike beats it was easy to see why.

When his debut album Gold came out it sported an iconic looking purple and blue skeleton sitting on an office chair in a while room. Pondering at life or maybe depicting the end result of all this suffering of life, the album art is cute but also dipicts what’s to come.

With hits like Fall Away, Only for you and Alone having plays in the millions fans were excited to hear what in 2017 a new album was released under the title Blkbird. Instead of sticking with his dead skelly looks of the previous two albums this almost follows a gothic charm with a dove subsituting in the eye. Things were starting to feel a lot darker.

The song Hallowed featuring female singer Emily Raymond will become the first collab Lund puts out since Debut album. It’s a bitter sweet song about a broken relationship and the two play off the background track well but it would have been nice to see them play off each other better. This would be the biggest hit off Blkbird.

Title track off the album does shift the sound of Lunds delivery and one that’s very reminanisent of how Lil Peep manipulates his voice in post. We start to see that Lund melodic dream beats really shine and takes the standard practice of using guitar chords as a staple of his sound.

The album wasn’t as much of a hit as Gold but with 2 vocal albums under his belt and the rise in soundcloud fame a lot of fans were excited to see where he’d take his music next. but 2018 came and went we only got one single released on soundcloud, Low. Which actually surprised the sound he was original working with and took it to the next left. He was taking his signature sound of emphising words in a sad fashion and his voice was sounds incredible.

So what happened?

Well looking at most of his lyrics he’s dealing with something. Relationships being a major focal point the dude just doesn’t seem to get a break with love and depression looming over probably because of it. Why didn’t we get any music from him is kind of unknown. So lets take a deep dive on his twitter.

In the start of 2018 he moved to LA with friends @max_wells_ @foreignforest @jonnneflex @NTL420 to start “chasing dreams”. Then as the months go on the list of friends he moved with started releasing songs after songs and him promoting them too but no talk of his own music. Was he producing beats for them? It’s unclear.

Then April 20th we get an announcement of “new music”

New music next week who’s ready?— ℒund (@yousadbruh) April 20, 2018

and low is released on soundcloud April 27th. Nothing but positive comments, happy fans and excitement from fans finally getting another taste of Lunds soul.

Then the months went by various tweets about girls, lyrics and random tweets that kind of just made it seem like he was in a bad place. Then in Decmember we find out 4 years ago he was diagnosed with a panic disorder. The first time he’s opened up publically about this mental health. He talks about getting off his meds for a bit and then the sickness and ER visits that came with it. After finally coming to the conclusion and with fan supporting him he went back to his anxiety medication and went radio silent again. Tell his fans we’ll be back to his old self soon.

I think Lund being so public open about this expecially with fans who relate to his music so well was a great public health announcement. In a way encouraging those who face the same issues on the battles of mental illness and adapting to the reality of it. As heartbreaking as it is, it’s probably helped more people than Lund could ever know.

Then in 2019 of Feb, we are at relief to find out:

New house.
New year.
New music.
Same Lund.— ℒund (@yousadbruh) February 8, 2019

We never know what’s going on in peoples lives other than what they show us on social media. The struggles he went through are imaginable but as selfish as it is we’ll probably end up getting amazing music from Lund in 2019. I’d say with how he’s connected with his fans and the music he produces it’s more of a therapy he needs to live a happy life. A life he totally deserves. He came up quickly through soundcloud and he still has a massive fan base ready to support him in his comming releases.

So lets go support him and I look forward to seeing what he comes out in 2019. Hopefully his best year yet.

You can find ℒund on / Helpful links:

S01E15: History and Future of Lund (ℒund) Where Did This Hip-Hop Artist Disappear To? 3

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