SAINT PEPSI releases new single, ‘Mannequin Challenge ‘

Saint Pepsi New Single

Party like its 2014 because we just got the first Single from Saint Pepsi (on his Bandcamp) since that date. With Skylar being billed as Saint Pepsi at 100% Electronicon, and this new single it looks like we might be seeing a come back.

The single had this description: “created to coincide with the revival of SAINT PEPSI, thanks to George Clanton, 100% Electronica, Carpark Records, and all who made me feel life was worth living again.”

I don’t know how he’ll manage to keep using the name but maybe George Clanton and his team have found a way around the legal issues with Pepsi.

SAINT PEPSI releases new single, 'Mannequin Challenge ' 3

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