Signal Bells: Vol 1 (Now out!)

Earlier in December, I reached out to the vaporwave community to see who would be interested in submitting tracks for the first official MTHU. The theme was simple; a signalwave Christmas. 23 different artists came together to release what is now know as Signal Bells: Vol 1 a wonderful nostalgic way experience Christmas from a broken radio.

Signal Bells: Vol 1
Signal Bells: Vol 1

Although the theme was signalwave-like submissions only, we saw a wide range of entries pushing the boundaries of what signalwave means. The first few tracks of the album is more on the classic signal/vapor side. While after the intermission, we get a mix of very experimental signal sounds. I’m extremely excited how progressively perfect each track plays off the next. Every Artist did better than I could have ever expected. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

Special T-Shirts!

As this is the first and only MTHU album released to date, I decided to make a limited edition of 20 T-shirts which includes on. the front the beautiful album art, while the. back includes. the names and tracks of every artist. I’m super proud of this. release and I wish I could have done a physical cassette. but I think this T-shirt makes up for it. Purchase the T-Shirt here.

Now, thanks to this little compilation, 23 new songs exist in the vapor world. I hope everyone can check it out, support the release and let me know on discord, twitter or instagram what you thought. Comments and support goes a long way to getting more compilation releases like this out.

If you like what Musics the Hang Up has provided your in content this year, maybe think about joining. the Patreon for as low as 1USD. It helps for sure~

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and let’s move into 2020 with even more revolutionary music in our scene. Thanks again everyone.

Track list

  1. MiddleClassComfort – Don’t You Understand? (intro)
  2. Dark Be Light – Awe
  3. Wizard of Loneliness – Saint
  4. seabaud – cantiqueDeNoel 
  6. Nuスバル – Silentトレーン 
  7. Alternate Skies – 2020 Outlook 
  9. Dezonator – S n o w f l a k e s f o r S a l e
  10. SECOND ALIAS – I don’t like you, take the mistletoe down
  12. ストリーミングのDREAM – I Hope I Get An XBOX 
  13. Quattro – Holiday intermission (intermission) 
  14. Petridisch – Waffle at 7.30 PM 12-24-87 
  15. V ▲ P Y D – Merry Christmas Everybody 
  16. Digital Haunt – christmas on TVS 
  17. image感覚 – old ages 
  18. Exceed 感覚 – 冬のサイクル 
  19. Ch. 6 عميق – KFC’s Always Open (Sponsored) 
  20. Georgi1802 – Commercial dreams 
  21. Eis-T – De Allermooiste Dagen [een korte verwerking van Kerststress] 
  22. CucumberHorse – Carols by Candlelight
  23. KITE0080 – let’s come together (outro)

Signal Bells: Vol 1 (Now out!) 7

Signal Bells: Vol 1 (Now out!) 8

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