Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner get’s a minidisc release & other music

I’ve been talking to the owner of Fish Prints about how I was sad I missed the Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner cassette and how we were trying to figure out a way I could find one. Then today even better news hit my email when I saw it was released on MiniDisc. If you haven’t heard of this avant-garde Japanese album check it out, if MD isn’t your thing, CDs are available too.

Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner get's a minidisc release & other music 5

Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner (Limited Edition MD – Subscriber’s Edition)

This avant-garde album was just released on MiniDisc for a 100% Electronicon 2 special. After selling out on cassette earlier last week, its killer to see a MD release. If you missed the original release or my original write up for the album here’s link.

We also got some digital releases including a 77 track album celebrating Sunset Grid’s 300 release. You’ll see some of biggest artists in the vapor scene on the list, great to see such an album come out.

Allstars☆ IV by Sunset Grid

Damn, i love when these massive compilations come together out of nowhere. To celebrate Sunset Grid’s 300 release, 77 different tracks and artists came together to make the monumental release special. Congrats everyone who has been part of this label, the artists, and obviously the guys behind Sunset Grid. So many tracks, so I’ll have to spend the week listening to it and get back with a full album review.

Plus we have more which you can check below. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Nullified Q by Nostalgic Depression

You’ll feel it when you listen to it but here “bianca please come back I miss you I think about you all the time you are the only person I’ve ever loved and this hurts waking up and not being able to talk to you your existence is my happiness but your presence is my euphoria these sounds are how I feel not being able to see you I love you”. Nostalgic Depression, I hope you’re doing alright mate.

デモ by hofuku sochi 報復措置

hofuku sochi 報復措置 is a completely new name for me which is pretty great because the music this artist is producing is wonderful. ツー has this really chill synth like experience with a high hat that really pushes the movement. The description mentions “pulsating flow”, i think that’s a perfect way to describe the album… Not exactly vapor but more Chillwave in sound.

oh. What do you guys see in the pink rfit in the album art? I kind of see a woman with a pony tail but with a pig body.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner get's a minidisc release & other music 6

Souvenir Cassette by After Dinner get's a minidisc release & other music 7

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