29 Spooky Vaporwave Albums to listen to on Halloween

It’s finally halloween and if you’re anything like me this is your favorite holiday of the year. The spooks, the ghouls, the crisp weather and most of all, all the people dressing up for freights.

Actually every year for my I look forward to seeing what AVGN puts on for halloween. It seems he might have put out his halloween special episode earlier in the month but I’m still crossing my fingers.

Anyways, to help increase the mood for your creepy hallows, I’ve compiled a list the best of tricks and treats of the vaporwave world.

SCARYパンプキン by VA:10

On the MTHU youtube channel in collaboration with VA:10, I’ll be streaming this album from lunch until midnight. So throw this creepy dark vaporwave album on in the background and keep one ear open just in case something tries to sneak up behind you.

Vol. III: Ghastly & Ghoulish

More on the synthwave / darkwave side of electronic vapor. We’ve got a collection of haunting synth music to entertain the imagination throughout the day. You’ll notice various artists from the scene such as Vayu, ブラジル404, Bytemapper and more. Actually Bytemapper’s Somthing Walts is the perfect song to climb the stone forged stairs of draculas castle.

>30102019> by ДИАПАЗОН ВЕЩАНИЯ 6~06

A classic Russian program gone wrong and now the city is under warning. The more you “watch” the darker things seem, the creepier the world gets, the harder it is to not want to off yourself.

* please avoid keeping TV set on and working while sleeping * 

* please notice: broadcast content safety is not guaranteed * 

* contact us on any unusual experiences *

If your brave enough, 666 Cursed cassettes are now obtainable at your own risk on the Bandcamp. but don’t say I didn’t warn you, be careful out there.

MANHUNTER [Halloween Special] by AINOMA

AINOMA takes scores from classic 1980s slashers and builds an atmopsheric experience of being hunted.. the MANHUNTER is out there, he waits in the dark. for the perfect moment. that perfect moment to strike. Will you be able to escape?

There’s actually an accompanying YouTube 3 part series for this album from East Coast Retrowave, here’s the first:

Living Room by Petridisch

Some times the melodic distortion of noise and atmosphere can give off the creepiest vibes. The music drone, the organ plays and the room you’re so helplessly stuck in is getting smaller and smaller. Is that someone by the window? Is that blood flowing from the tree branches? Did you just hear something? Experience the Living Room yourself on B O G U S // COLLECTIVE

5 Creepy Songs From The Internet by Sirius Brink

What twists the mines of human beings to decide to kill? Where along that line do they decide they must eat those who they kill. Maybe the 5 songs from this album has an answer in it’s down tempo ghoulish assortment.

Halloween of 88′ by VHS-OST

1988, two years before the 90s. Each day closer to the a new generation everyone grasping to keep their youth and the world they are so familiar to them. but something went wrong that halloween with an Evil Incarnated night, serial killers, zombies and blood in the air brought a bigger feat than anyone felt before. Experience it yourself with this synthwave / Retrowave album by VHS-OST

Halloween In Paradise: Volume I

“This is a compilation album of various vaporwave musicians and other witches alike coming together to have some fun on this very dark holiday. Use this soundtrack to burn down churches, smoke drugs, and partake in ritualistic behaviors. What else would this be for?”

You’ll find your favorite vapor artists such as TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL, b l u e s c r e e n, DATAGIRL and more. The first track on this album is insane though, the fast past acid house mix with this creepy ambience and various attacks of sound collages and screams makes it my favorite song I’ve listen to all night. Sage Hardware is now on my list of vapor artists to follow as I don’t hear music from our scene like those too often. Closest thing is FIRE TOOLZ

trashgh0st presents: Rise From Your Vaporgrave
by Gulf Audio Company

If the title of this album doesn’t scare you off the music curated from the crypt will. trashgh0sthas dug through the night finding the poor souls of vaporwave and stole their decaying organs to put together a playlist of some of the finest music to drive your mind insane. 15 different Artis combined for your listening pleasure.


Just when I put one album to sleep, another halloween vaporwave collaboration album pops up like never ending zombies in the night. What strikes me as interesting with this release is the fact that there’s so many undead… I mean unknown artists for me that I’ve never heard of… except PZA, how is this guy still getting on labels. Talk about resurrections.

This release even has a 20 run cassette!

Honorable mentions

one good scare by The Reaver Crowley vs 🌴1am バイブBlunts

Revenge of the Satanic Panic! by Vacation Bible School

Holiday Horror 84 by LOFTOMAN

HAUNTED BY COMPUTERS by EastCoast Salon Services

Silent Hell™ 3 by SilentSilent


28:06:42:12 – Single by eEyore鬱

Empty Shapes by The Reaver Crowley

V A P O R G R A V E by Bunny Huzzard

Black Flamingos by Various Artists

狼男 by ΔCID.rar

青い夜 by b l u e s c r e e n

HOUSE OF TERRORS 2 -MIXTAPE- by Broken Machine Films presents…

Real Horrorshow – Act II: Dusk by b l u e__ΔCID

C O N T A M I N A T I O N by Azuresands大麻

Live “Pirate Session” on WXLV’s Pirate Radio from 10​/​30​/​15 by The Bedroom Invaders

Vapor Jams “The Mixtape” vol​.​2: “Night of The Goblin’s Wallow” by Echo Beach

ビュースターデータベース by 天気予報

Cursed signalwave 😮

VHC​-​48009​-​1 by Diskette Park

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