Start off school with some Lo-fi Jazz to study with + other releases

Tonight dim the lights, turn on some lo-fi and enjoy the rain outside your window. We’ll be exploring some home improvement music, jazz, history about my bother and more. Like what you hear? let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

Start off school with some Lo-fi Jazz to study with + other releases 5

WILSONWAVE by Azuresands大麻 (GOOD NEIGHBOR reissue edition cassette)

You may remember Wilson as the man with half a face from home improvement. Drawing off the sounds, themes and power tools found in the TV sitcom, Wilsonwave is back on cassette for it’s 2nd pressing.

Digital Releases

Happy Hour by Jazzy Ryuuji

Lo-fi rainy day hip-hop at it’s finest. I like albums like this because it puts me in pure focus mode, those perfect distortions, the wobbles, and the jazzy piano. Beautiful. Cool to see an album like this on Seikomart, we just need a cassette release.

Getting High With Matt & Ghidorah by Matt Mathers & Ghidorah

For those that don’t know my brother was a local rapper at one point. For some reason this album here is giving me heavy vibes of stuff my bother would have been spitting lyrics on. Oh and BITOブレスアップ… Hi. He’s featured on the 3rd track, Grey Goose. Apparently a while back I blocked him on twitter, but I don’t remember why. I think it had to do with vape tapes.

季節変更 by 天気予報

annother great weather related signalwave from my favorite “sentimental transmission” artist, 天気予報. I think what draws me to 天気予報 so much is the album art aesthetic. The memory of a japanese life I never had and the weather stations I never listened to hold me so deeply. Fake memories at it’s best.

Scene News

Update from P A T H S パス

My birthday is today and so I’m setting my entire digital discography to $1 on Bandcamp. Thanks to anyone who’s been a fan so far. It seriously means a lot. Expect something cool from me next month.

P A T H S パス

It’s P A T H S パス birthday and he’s giving away his entire discography for 1 USD. Go tell him Happy Birthday by purchasing his music~ What better gift could he get?

Update from Hiraeth Records

Today I write to you from the headquarters of Hiraeth Records that we have received our vinyl copies of HR002: 地球 – ジャングル ! 

The process in the coming weeks
The cassettes and CDs are now in production and should be ready soon. This means that the release date for HR002 will be coming in the near future. When? We aim for mid September.
 This gives us some time to have them shipped to the warehouse, book them in and prepare everything for a smooth release. Want to listen to the album first before buying? Visit our Spotify page! Also, make sure to follow us on BandcampFacebook and Soundcloud so you never miss out on singles, announcements and other news.

What will the future bring?
After the big storm called “Selling HR001” we want to focus on making a webshop for Hiraeth Records. This is done to have everything focused on one platform. But we also do this for financial reasons; Bandcamp is an amazing platform, but takes a pretty chunk of the profits… I’d rather use that money to finance a full new release (yes it is that much!), pay artists more and lower the prices. Does this mean the end of Bandcamp? No. We still offer a portion of the releases on Bandcamp and everything bought from the webshop will have a download code which you can use to download from Bandcamp and add it to your collection. We are aiming to start using the webshop around HR004/HR005.  

For now, please take a look at these new beautiful green vinyl records. And thank you everybody for your support and feedback on the HR001 release!

Jornt Elzinga , Hiraeth Records

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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Start off school with some Lo-fi Jazz to study with + other releases 6

Start off school with some Lo-fi Jazz to study with + other releases 7

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