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ev.exi partners up with Desired with new single + cassette/vinyl announced

Getting Late (feat. Desired) by ev.exi ev.exi and Desired release a song titled “Getting Late” with pure funk from the future. The first attraction your ears will get is the chops and screws of some city pop singing that we never actually get a full spell of what they are saying. The mix of melody […]

Grab yourself a 100% Electronicon Shirt + other releases

Not too much vapor releases today beside Azuresands大麻 has a new cassette out. We did see that 100% Electronica released their 100% ElectroniCON T-shirt for purchase for the first time on their bandcamp. So if you missed it at the show or you didn’t get a chance to go, you’re going to want to pick […]

100% Electronicon Review – Saint Pepsi & Pad Chennington (Guest Post)

This is a guest post in a collaboration to share vaportorian‘s thoughts on 100% Electronicon to a larger audience. Ryan DeRobertis Returning to His Roots as Saint Pepsi & Pad Chennington’s First Live Show It’s been over a day since the first 100% Electronicon ended, and for many of us, it was an experience we […]

💵 1 Million Dollar Interview with Porter Vong + Face Reveal 💵 @ 100% Electronicon

An exclusive reveal of the man behind Porter Vong, what the future is looking like… of course successful and bright! You not going to want to miss this! Porter Vong, Vaporwaves Rich Man, has been a successful mystery for quite some time. The comical yet inspiration tweet novelty account using the imagery of Tom Vu, […]

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