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Fan Collection - Q 1

Fan Collection – Q

Vaporwave has found its ability to thrive in the digital world by allowing anyone to release music on any format. We’ve seen cassettes pop off since day one of the genre as Macintosh Plus’...

Aloe City Records gets a DMCA 5

Aloe City Records gets a DMCA

Update on the album here: http://musicsthehangup.com/albums/updated-floral-experience-by-mac-digital-2/ It seems every few weeks someone has had enough with their experience with Tracking Waves and turns to social media to warn everyone not to buy from them....

RIP 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ 7

RIP 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ

It was announced earlier in the June on Reddit that Bobby AKA 2004アメリカンイーグルポロ has unfortunately passed away. I personally didn’t know him but the community came together to celebrate his life and share their...