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AUDIO_TS by WTF.FM (Album Review)

Today, I want to give a spotlight to lesser known vaporwave artists or an album that might have been forgotten since the early stages of vaporwave.  WTF.FM, a Russian based vaporwave artist who’s been releasing music in the scene since early 2013 and still to this day providing vapor jams for our delighted consumption.  Releasing […]

vaporpunk, Chillwave + other releases

Not too much going on today in the releases but luckily we got some cool music to listen to regardless. Something less is more because we are not overwhelmed with choices. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast or iTunes? Physical […]

The perfect day for chillwave fans + other releases

Today is a great day for digital and physical releases for chillwave / synthwave albums. Some in the hypnagogic theme, some in the future sound and other with vapor. I’m sure you’ll find one. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Motorised by Motoroto (Limited Edition CS) Really […]

官能的な絶対 by トッシュインプラスマック (Cassette)

トッシュインプラスマック – 官能的な絶対 Limited Edition Cassette plus Digital Download Contains carefully recorded and monitored, “baby blue” coloured audio tape FeO2 C-40 (2×20 minutes) with glossy labels; transparent case, single side-printed inlay on glossy photo paper.50 numbered copies available.Important: The delivery/shipping phase will begin on May 13, 2019. Includes unlimited streaming of 官能的な絶対 via the free […]

Stratford Ct. – Forhill | Figments

Stratford Ct. – Forhill | Figments *PRE-ORDER* Limited Edition Cassette (Second Run) This is a PRE-ORDER for the SECOND RUN of Forhill – FigmentsNow available on Clear Purple cassette Includes unlimited streaming of Forhill | Figments via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Source Album Description THIS IS A […]

Mélonade (2019 Edition) by Mélonade (cassette)

Mélonade – Mélonade (2019 Edition) Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download Includes the album in its entirety. This is a different version of the 2018 album that includes a new tracklist and two remixes from Mere and OB99. Professionally dubbed in real-time, housed in clear case with full color labels, double-side printed J-card and Obi-Strip. […]

1969年 – #beachsoft (digital)

1969年 – #beachsoft Release Details Source Album Description BIZC225 2019 – 1969年 ********* soundcloud.com/ephunk-1 twitter.com/KitschDaddy facebook.com/PlunderPhukker youtube.com/user/PhunkyPhlawless *********  

權力的女人 – 權力. 的女. 人 (Digital)

權力的女人 – 權力. 的女. 人 My Thoughts At first I wasn’t sure about the album. The first track, you░love, starts off with a heavy synth arpeggio then with a twist events turns into this surprising hip-hop like beat and then trap. That was amazing. – MTHU Source Album Description 權力的女人 沙村龙岩山上的一个带有军事防御的土司城址,始建于南宋末年抗元时期,有“中世纪城堡之城”,在贵州省遵义历史上占有较为重要的地位。自876年杨端如播州至1600年平播之战后,杨氏土司凡27世,自此海龙囤也成为遗迹长期掩埋在历史中直到20世纪末才被文物工作者发现。海龙屯在2001年被列为第五批全国重点文物保护单位,并在2014年作为成为土司遗址的组成部分被列入世界遗产中,也是贵州省首个世界文化遗产和遵义市的第二个世界遗产。  

Talk To Me – Talk To Me (cassette)

Talk To Me – Talk To Me Limited Edition “Pretty Pink” Cassette Dubbed at home on “pretty pink” cassettes, and made with love.This edition is limited to 30 tapes, final edition until further demand.**Includes 3 bonus tracks! 2 tracks that were cut from the main album, and 2 remixes from these artists(respectively), Ahero and bootlegbby!**(released […]

Xiomara – TROPICAL MIDNIGHT EPHEMERIS 熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦 (Digital)

Xiomara – TROPICAL MIDNIGHT EPHEMERIS 熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦 Release Details Happy 4/20!熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦熱帯夜真夜中の天体暦OUT NOWhttps://t.co/PZlwf8CzGg pic.twitter.com/DArBRZWPxS — 𝖝𝖎𝖔𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖆 ♡ (@xixmara) April 20, 2019 Album Description “I’m going to work on getting cassettes made in a couple weeks” – Xiomara (in a DM)  

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