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Does album art matter + other releases

News: Compilations looking for music I just found out about two compilations that are looking for music: The first one by CEO of 인공 안개 도시 on discord specifically for (Cursed) signalwave. “Send (possibly cursed) signalwave tracks to artificialfogcity@gmx(dot)com , deadline is on 1 March 2020” The guys from VA:10 project are putting together another […]

Ultimate Guide to Vaporwave Clothing / Shops

Outside of music and the deep faux message about capitalism there’s a truly unique aesthetic behind Vaporwave. A lot of artists, labels and brands cater to this design so here’s a list of Vaporwave clothing / shops I found that I am happy to support. If you want to add your shop to the list […]

Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases

I’ve got a story about one of my first few cassette below but if you want to skip that and see what releases came out in the vapor world, check out the Physical Release section and go from there. We did get some awesome cassettes released today, so you’re not going to want to miss […]

ΛDRIΛNWΛVE & クリスタルKITSUNE release a single + other releases

I hope everyone was able to pick up something awesome for Cassette Shop Day yesterday. In yesterday’s listing of all the cassettes released, I also added past albums I think everyone should listen to and purchase on cassette. It’s always cool to see a vapor album sell out imo. Anyway today things are back to […]

Night Tempo & Ev.exi vinyl, Emowave + other news

Night Tempo In a bandcamp email this week, Night Tempo announced he’ll be sending out all (?) vinyls this week. The shipping and tracking info will come from him. Here’s the full email: I’m so sorry about delay sig 2 vinyl. vinyl going to ship in this week and I’ll provide tracking number after ship! […]

Terna Jay captivates my soul + other releases

Today we see Hit Vibes by Saint Pepsi make it to Bandcamp (wow). Cassette collaborations. Joji like vapor trap and more. Like what you heard? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Meta News The long teased collaboration video I’ve hinted to on discord is finally out. I’ve come together with Pad Chennington to release […]

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