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GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories on vinyl + other releases

There were so many releases today I had to limit how many I wrote about it. Who knew Monday nights / Tuesday mornings were such a big deal in the vapor scene. Speaking of big deals, GATEWAY 2000 by MindSpring Memories is on 2 different vinyls and it’s selling out quick. Don’t say I didn’t […]

A Special Place In Hyperspace and other releases

Today’s a great day for vapor cassette collectors. Not only are we seeing some aesthetic album art (Floating Points), we also got a seikomart release and one from Late Night Tapes. Which btw, did you know Late Night Tapes usually gives a sticker away with their releases. I need to put that on my laptop […]

A beautiful album about Satellite Frequencies + other releases

Today I’m introduced to Detroit house, sweet percussions I aspire to create and a beautiful vapor album about Satellite Frequencies. I’m very new to some of the house genres, so if I got something wrong here, let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Otherworlds EP by softcoresoft (12″ Vinyl – LTBLK012) Oh, a […]

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