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Start off school with some Lo-fi Jazz to study with + other releases

Tonight dim the lights, turn on some lo-fi and enjoy the rain outside your window. We’ll be exploring some home improvement music, jazz, history about my bother and more. Like what you hear? let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases WILSONWAVE by Azuresands大麻 (GOOD NEIGHBOR reissue edition cassette) You may remember Wilson as […]

S01E20: Talking Citizen, RICEWINE, Duckwrth & Gouge Away with Youtuber Clovve

Listen / Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play I met up with Youtuber Clovve (Channel here) to talk about two albums we both think each other should know. I passed off 2 albums, As You Please by Citizen and Mornings by RICEWINE. Which she sent me I’m UUGLY by Duckwrth and Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away.

S01E09: Origins of Lo-fi Hip-Hop, Who started it? Why Anime? and How you can make it too.

Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play In this episode we’ll be explore the origins of lo-fi hip-hop and it’s boom of chill study music. This episode is going to be a little different. Like what has become of Jazz, Lo-fi Hip-hop to the untrained ear kind of all fits in a nice little package. It’s […]

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