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Grab yourself a 100% Electronicon Shirt + other releases

Not too much vapor releases today beside Azuresands大麻 has a new cassette out. We did see that 100% Electronica released their 100% ElectroniCON T-shirt for purchase for the first time on their bandcamp. So if you missed it at the show or you didn’t get a chance to go, you’re going to want to pick […]

The perfect day for chillwave fans + other releases

Today is a great day for digital and physical releases for chillwave / synthwave albums. Some in the hypnagogic theme, some in the future sound and other with vapor. I’m sure you’ll find one. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Motorised by Motoroto (Limited Edition CS) Really […]

Stratford Ct. – Forhill | Figments

Stratford Ct. – Forhill | Figments *PRE-ORDER* Limited Edition Cassette (Second Run) This is a PRE-ORDER for the SECOND RUN of Forhill – FigmentsNow available on Clear Purple cassette Includes unlimited streaming of Forhill | Figments via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Source Album Description THIS IS A […]

權力的女人 – 權力. 的女. 人 (Digital)

權力的女人 – 權力. 的女. 人 My Thoughts At first I wasn’t sure about the album. The first track, you░love, starts off with a heavy synth arpeggio then with a twist events turns into this surprising hip-hop like beat and then trap. That was amazing. – MTHU Source Album Description 權力的女人 沙村龙岩山上的一个带有军事防御的土司城址,始建于南宋末年抗元时期,有“中世纪城堡之城”,在贵州省遵义历史上占有较为重要的地位。自876年杨端如播州至1600年平播之战后,杨氏土司凡27世,自此海龙囤也成为遗迹长期掩埋在历史中直到20世纪末才被文物工作者发现。海龙屯在2001年被列为第五批全国重点文物保护单位,并在2014年作为成为土司遗址的组成部分被列入世界遗产中,也是贵州省首个世界文化遗产和遵义市的第二个世界遗产。  

Talk To Me – Talk To Me (cassette)

Talk To Me – Talk To Me Limited Edition “Pretty Pink” Cassette Dubbed at home on “pretty pink” cassettes, and made with love.This edition is limited to 30 tapes, final edition until further demand.**Includes 3 bonus tracks! 2 tracks that were cut from the main album, and 2 remixes from these artists(respectively), Ahero and bootlegbby!**(released […]

Hotel Pools – Hotel Pools | Fall ’18 (cassette)

Spiral by Into The Ethos *PRE-ORDER* Limited Edition Cassette (Second Run) This is a PRE-ORDER for the SECOND RUN of Hotel Pools – Fall ’18Now available on Pink tinted, grey liner cassette w/ yellow imprint and clear front/yellow back cases Features updated cover artwork! Includes unlimited streaming of Hotel Pools | Fall ’18 via the […]

Riverwave 川の波 – Undine Media (cassette)

Riverwave 川の波 – Undine Media Riverwave 川の波 – “Undine Media” Cassette Tape Pro dubbed on c40 cassette tape. Comes on Turquoise shells with double hit Citron ink pad printing in yellow back norelco cases and double-sided full colour printed J-cards. A limited ediition of 100. Includes unlimited streaming of Undine Media via the free Bandcamp […]

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