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Fan Collection - Q 1

Fan Collection – Q

Vaporwave has found its ability to thrive in the digital world by allowing anyone to release music on any format. We’ve seen cassettes pop off since day one of the genre as Macintosh Plus’...

NATIONALナショナル interview 3

NATIONALナショナル interview

MTHU had a chance to sit down with Malaysian Future Funk artist, NATIONAL ナショナル, for a quick interview about their Vapor Career. NATIONAL ナショナル has been in the Future Funk scene since Sept, 2016,...

Does album art matter + other releases 10

Does album art matter + other releases

News: Compilations looking for music I just found out about two compilations that are looking for music: The first one by CEO of 인공 안개 도시 on discord specifically for (Cursed) signalwave. “Send (possibly...