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Memory of an Indie cassette + other releases

I’ve got a story about one of my first few cassette below but if you want to skip that and see what releases came out in the vapor world, check out the Physical Release section and go from there. We did get some awesome cassettes released today, so you’re not going to want to miss […]

Japanese Citypop sure looks good from your corporate office + other releases

Yeah… the title of this is a play off two releases; the albums Neon Lights (city pop) and Corporate needs you. But Pewdiepie does that in every video to draw eyes and in a round about way he does touch on things in said titles… I mean it’s the internet right? Idk, if these feels […]

UNI DELUXE, SWEEPS & SEV release new albums + more

I’ve written a lot about UNI DELUXE in the past and even got a chance to interview him a while back. I’m always excited to hear what music he is releasing. We also got a new cassette from Lo-fi legend and sci-fi fan, Sweeps. SEV also released a more vaporwave-y album I’m really digging. There’s […]

A beautiful album about Satellite Frequencies + other releases

Today I’m introduced to Detroit house, sweet percussions I aspire to create and a beautiful vapor album about Satellite Frequencies. I’m very new to some of the house genres, so if I got something wrong here, let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Otherworlds EP by softcoresoft (12″ Vinyl – LTBLK012) Oh, a […]

Dark industrial Techno kind of day + other releases

Not every day I introduce a break album in the daily releases but today we have a sweet one from the one and only Lobster Theremin and Globex Corp. I’d a 12″ vinyl I’m really tempted to purchase, I just wish I could listen to more of the tracks. I love when two labels combine […]

collect some b o d y l i n e cassettes + other releases

b o d y l i n e has released two cassette of classic vaporwave that gives off the vibes of hotel lobbies or waiting around in airports. In the digital releases, we have Future Funk king Mr. Wax releasing on a new label. Darker vaporwave. and so many genres in one album it might […]

Night Tempo Rewinds and gives us vinyl + other releases

Physical Releases Alcove EP by Puppy Seeds (Three Merch Bundle Deal with Pin) “n the ‘’Alcove EP’’, Puppy Seeds describes her personal memoirs about past love stories, magical places and dreamy landscapes. Soft and delicate melodies accompany the 7 intimate pieces of her new musical work.” – album description Pure Baby Maker [Rewind] by Night […]

Content Awareness by Stream☾atcher (vinyl)

Stream☾atcher – Content Awareness Release Details The cassette sells out, the Mini Disc sells out instantly, and now we are blessed with an exclusive announcement of a vinyl release. Source Album Description Stream☾atcher: streamcatcher.bandcamp.com NU-ACR020 Stay up to date on the latest of Future Funk and Vaporwave releases by visiting Musics the Hang Up release […]

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