Take a nap with a ZMS cassette

Physical Releases

Take a nap with a ZMS cassette 3

Ego Nap by ZMS (near sleep edition cassette)

“brought on by a near sleep experience (NSE)” and as the album is described it does hold up to it’s dream like soft calm ambience. Connection Orbit is a beautiful track.

Take a nap with a ZMS cassette 4

Nice Archive Traxx Vol. I by Sweely (12″ Vinyl – LT044 Colour Vinyl Repress)

That sax that came in on Stronger Than Me totally got me. I wasn\’t expecting the album to hit me like that then the high hats came in and brought the old track alive. Truly shows how an artist can use drums properly to shape a track. Pure house vocals too.

Digital Releases

Synthwave Crusaders (Jotaro’s Theme synthwave retro 80’s remix) by Astrophysics

Not every day do I get to listen to music from jojo\’s bizarre adventure. Oddly enough it doesn’t remind me of Jojo so much but maybe castlevania. Something I heard on Rainwave.cc years ago. Great synth wave single.

░▒▓ 알 수없는 전송 ▓▒░ by ʕ•̫͡•ʕ enterprises

Get funky with vapor tracks like 雨の and let the wobbles of the weather channel take you to a confusing world. This album is more weathersoft than the artist is giving credit in the tags.

Take a nap with a ZMS cassette 5

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