The Mall of the Future is scary and other vaporwave news

Sunday morning, one last day to relax to we’re back in the office and that busy life. But before tomorrow comes, lets enjoy some future funk and vaporwave. 3 cassette releases and even more digital, you’re bound to find something to end the weekend off right.

Scene News

Analog Archives releases this crazy commercial like video for a fictitious mall. It’s full of slow downed audio, classic designs and memories of malls that once existed. oh wait it’s a horror film?

Physical Releases

soft nostalgic by vcr-classique (Limited Edition Cassette)

soft nostalgic by vcr-classique (Limited Edition Cassette)

VCR Classique sticks to his promise of delivering VHS inspired sounds of wobbles, statics and japanese vocals. It’s pretty classy for a vaporwave album. I just wish some of the tracks were longer.

A Collection of Intimacy by Saros-FM (Compact Cassette)

A Collection of Intimacy by Saros-FM (Compact Cassette)

This is an ambient dreamwave album. you’ll get a good feel of escalating layering and droning sounds throughout. The album art is so simplistic but then the cassette comes out harsh. Wish it was a more neutral green color.

Reflecting To Infinity 無限に反映 by Flow Motionフローモーション (Limited Edition Cassette)

Reflecting To Infinity 無限に反映 by Flow Motionフローモーション

As expected from the album art, it’s a collection of “slowed down psychedelic soul”. The first track is 30 minutes long… by investing in this cassette you’re in for a long trip.

Digital Releases

ghetto fantasy by Unibe@t

New album out by experimental French house artist UniBe@t. It was announced that it’s coming to cassette 24th may.

Floral Mall by Vappasko

New single by vaporwave parody artist Vappasko. You might remember him from the Saint Peanut project.

Hieroglyphics by creative_reality17

More chill DNB from Creative_reality17. Early last week we were talking on twitter if he was an AI or something. Well he emailed me and explained he just has a lot of time to work on music. Seems he’s got a lot of people interested in how he releases so often.

Televised Prize by STARSEED & NEON TOUCH

A vaporfunk albums plit between Starseed and Neon Touch. Starseed has a more of a funky jazz in your bathrobe vibe with the girl you just met while Neon Touch gives me you’re walking out of the elevator into a lobby while the limo is waiting outside with your hot date.

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