The perfect ambient music for me and other releases

Monday and I’m finally back to normal schedule. The family vacation was nice, it was fun deleting photos off my phone all week as I had no cell service out at the lake and nothing better to do. I did listen to a lot of vaporwave and have a few album reviews coming up. So stay tuned to that. Thanks everyone who left a suggestion on my twitter.

Physical Releases

The perfect ambient music for me and other releases 5

Disco Lento Vol​​.​​1 by Isaac Ascii (Limited Edition Cassette)

“Music so obviously emotional, it becomes inescapably affecting. This is Disco Lentoand its heartstring-pulling magic. It’s not disco, in fact in most cases it’s technically a lot worse, but there is untold charm in the chintz.” Limited edition of cassette of only 10, grab this quick.

The perfect ambient music for me and other releases 6

囲む by シャイ過ぎる (Limited Edition Cassette)

(NSFW album) It’s been a while since I heard an album off the label L33K5P1N 84574RD5. We’ve got a sentual vaporwave album here on ccassette. Sexy times, sexy nights for those lucky sexy people. Pure after hours vibes. On twitter we were just talking about how hentai and nudity on these vapor albums are getting out of hand. This one does it tastefully.

Digital Releases

CHARGER by Switch Major

Basic ambient soundscape that actually started to get mysterious at the end of the first track but it ended too soon. Then UFOs arrived in the second. “CHARGING MY GREAT RIZE INTO the NEW SAGA” There’s some binary and other code in the album description on bandcamp if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

Mamagrave by MISE

Damn I love the side chaining on the track Magic. This takes me back to my early days of vaporwave when i was looking through online archive sites for a new artist to discover. I’ll be saving that song for my personal collection.


Quite a mix of different sounds on this album. Vapor stuff, signalwave, ringtones?, most are under a minute.

Nite Out by Lofi Taijitu

Hmm.. the album art is a complete rip off of World Class by Luxury Elite. Luckily the music isn’t but isn’t nearly as impactful as the original artist is seems to be copying.

꿈 mall by ʕ•̫͡•ʕ enterprises

ʕ•̫͡•ʕ enterprises has recently joined my discord and shared this. I wanted to listen to their music before I went on vacation but tonight is more than perfect to give it a try. I’ve been struggling to really get into ambient or drone music (a genre that shows up a lot under vaporwave) and I think this is the kind of ambient type album I can really listen to. ʕ•̫͡•ʕ enterprises does a great job mixing that ambient drone feel with a well off distant sample experience. I don’t know how they have managed to take such a slow experience and keep the samples lively. 할인 is my favorite on the album.

The perfect ambient music for me and other releases 7

The perfect ambient music for me and other releases 8

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