Top Bandcamp Releases of June

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  1. Mannequin Challenge by GOOD NEWS (bottom)
  2. 1985 by haircuts for men
  3. I Love Hating You by FrankJavCee
  4. BLESS ME / 裸のSummer by オリーブがある
  5. Afterglow by bl00dwave
  6. Seele EP by Computer Data
  7. Nah​.​.​. by Nah…
  8. ждите Нас Звезды! by Project Lazarus
  10. slowdance​,​lowtide by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki
  11. 常夏 by desert sand feels warm at night
  12. NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave by Various Artists
  13. George Clanton & Nick Hexum by George Clanton & Nick Hexum
  14. VHS CAMERA by machina pensant
  15. Virtual Loneliness by ll nøthing ll
  16. AVlandia by AV 0
  17. House Plants by Jomero
  18. Gardens by Dirty Art Club (right)
  20. Zeroin by Dope Smoker
  21. hybtwibt? by Space Afrika
  22. Stax Trax by Candid Trax
  23. The House EP by Vhahn
  24. VA​:​10​.​RMX by Various Artists (left)
  25. Bonemann Radio by Bonemann
  26. 「 kimi no machi 」君の街 ビクター MKII
  27. Dungeon Explorer by スーパー1999コンソール (Digital)
Top Bandcamp Releases of June 5
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Top Bandcamp Releases of June 6

Top Bandcamp Releases of June 7

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