Tsukemono Breakfast

In 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Japan with Sparkly Night, ADRIANWAVE & クリスタルKITSUNE. We all met up as they were invited to play Future Funk in Tokyo for the PITCH SHIFTER concert. It was a killer night, there’s a recap of it on my YouTube channel, check it out.

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Regardless of why I arrived in Tokyo, I did have a chance to wander the streets a few days earlier, alone. I stayed at a 12 USD a night hostel with 6 other dudes in the same room with me. I slept between a curtain between a young Japanese construction worker and another male I never had a chance to meet. Although, my head rested on a takamakura / 高枕 (a Japanese pillow) only a foot away from another dude, I slept better than I deserved. There’s something magical about those beaded pillows. What a trip.

Every morning, the woman who ran the hostel would turn on a rice cooker and prepare breakfast for anyone who didn’t mind waking up early. On a single tray she would arrange an assortment of tsukemono / 漬物 or pickled things. I say pickled things because I had no clue what this delicious food actual was but over the hot bowl of rice it made every morning a delicious treat.

A real Japanese memory I am nostalgic for. — KITE0080

This article was originally printed in Visual Signals: Issue Zero. Find on Amazon

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