VA:10 – A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced!

Today we had our first look at the cassette box set for the VA:10’s Vaporwave Anniversary project. They’ve teamed up with My Pet Flamingo to release this super high quality looking box which will house a (currently) unknown amount of cassettes. Release date unknown.

For those who are not familiar with the VA:10 Vaporwave Anniversary project, was put together by a community member Chiefahleaf ealier this year. This project marks the 10 years of vaporwave a massive milestone for the genre. Considering Vapor has been announced dead in various times throughout it’s lifetime, this proves just once again VW will never die.

The 65 track album was released with My Pet Flamingo July 19th, 2019 and can be found on bandcamp. Some of the artists include: HATENA, FOTOshoppeツ, Echoflange, Vappasko and more. There are a lot of artists I’ve never heard of and unfortunately none of the artists that originally started the genre. Regardless, it’s a great way to mark the passing of time and celebrate a genre we all love so much.

No exact date has been announced but I don’t think many of us were expecting this release, so to know it’s coming soon is exciting. I’m guessing these will sellout instantly. Let’s hope MPF does pre-orders or something because a lot of vapor fans are going to want to own this and will probably miss out. Make sure you follow them on twitter for more information.

A few articles have been written about this release and I found this quote from AE² very inspiring:

That just goes to show how much this means to the community; tons of small and upcoming producers, video editors and artists have given their hand in creating something that means more than just showcasing their talents. – AE²

Is there a better way to describe the evolution and value of vaporwave as an internet genre?

Finally I leave you with the projects self description to give you more information but also to document the project here for future viewers:

Today we begin our celebration of the tenth anniversary of Vaporwave as a cultural movement and music genre with VA:10, a special collection of art, music, and videos. 

The first part of our celebration is a nearly four hour commemorative album. In sixty-five tracks, we tell a story encompassing every facet of Vaporwave, ranging from grainy VHS pop nostalgia to thorny and jittery broken transmissions. 

Accompanying the music is a film showcasing a number of talented videographers, glitch artists, and collage enthusiasts. The end goal of this part of the project is making a music video to accompany every track on the album. Due to its ambitious scale, we’ve only finished about a quarter of it thus far — if you’d like to help out, you can here:

Our project’s last component is the artbook. A celebration of Vaporwave aesthetics, our goal with it is to encapsulate the tone and emotion of the album through a visual medium. 

Any profit from the hard work of the eighty-eight creators involved in this project goes to the Internet Archive. We collectively chose to donate to this organization because we recognize its vital role in preserving the history of the internet, and because it will help ensure Vaporwave’s cultural legacy will remain on the web for many years to come as it continues to grow as a movement and community. 

We thank you for checking out our work! Links to the artbook and music film are below. 

Chiefahleaf, VA:10 Project Coordinator 

VA:10 - A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced! 5

VA:10 - A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced! 6

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