Vapor rap album worth listening to + other releases

ECCOJOINTS 2 _ CLONED P​.​I​.​M​.​P. by o.s.░clone (E C C O J O I N T S #2 CASSETTE VERSION)

Finally, my first vapor rap album and one that’s actually worth listening to. Every track I heard felt original, the lyrics were themed to this clone world he has built and it’s wonderful. Some times I get a little Ying Lean vibes from it but that’s not bad, we need more lean in our lives.

honorable mention by Sweeps

From the bandcamp: “‘honorable mention’ is the single off my upcoming ‘space blues’ [beat-tape] Pre-order the full project today! 12″x12″ artwork prints will also be available soon!”

Flashback EP by Hackosef

Hackosef really out did their self in this album. Every track is catchy and top the next one, with Blue Moon being my favorite. The only thing I wish was some form of future funk vocals was delicately placed throughout, my ears kept expecting to hear some.

Vapor rap album worth listening to + other releases 3

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