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Like house music (Dj boring, Demuja, etc) there’s a label giving up to 75% off their vinyl selection below. Considering most of their vinyl goes for 7 EUR, this is a huge steal and an awesome way to add to your collection.

Azuresands大麻 has released a business vaporwave album I really enjoyed. Seriously, if you wanted to take everything cheesy, motivational, inspirational, scam artist about motivational speakers, Azuresands大麻 has released the album for you. It’s incredible. Don’t forget to check out the other releases too but this one just steals the show today.

NOTE: I enjoyed the music, Azuresands大麻 might not be your cup of tea but music is music in this case.


“the scent of champagne fills the air as you walk through the cherry red corridors. you arrive at your room to see a mysterious person doing their nails by the balcony, sunset behind them.” – FCC

FCC also mentions that this album is “all sampled vaporclass.” which makes me wonder if this is an album put together by sampling other vaporwave or the artist is stating this is in the style of classic vaporwave. I guess left to interpretation for me as I didn’t know any of the tracks, if you know hit me up on discord. Favorite track: Makeup Your Mind

星間夢 by マ力フシキ

An older release, as this 1 hour long brokensignals / experimental album was just introduced to me today. I didn’t want it to get lost in the void of bandcamp, so I doo will share it.

I listened to the first 10 minutes before deciding I probably want to listen to this when I have more time, but it’s interesting to listen to an album that was experimenting with what vapor could be so long ago. I doubt this was even intended to be part of signalwave on original release. In addition to that the artist hasn’t uploaded since 2017, so I wonder who’s old project this once was and if the person behind it is still active in the scene to this day.

Mystical Worlds by DDS BETA 2.0

DDS BETA 2.0 has been releasing a quite a few albums in the past months as they solidify their significance in the vapor scene. I first thought they were a deaths dynamic shroud.wmv copy (watch this be a side project) but actually the more I listen to DDS BETA 2.0, I’ve come to hear subtle differences in their own sound and how they do stand on their own.

for example in the track, 지금 준비 되었습니까?, we get this really shape edged chopping with glittery chimes and movement that is just a joy to listen to with headphones. And with how the last 15 seconds of the track plays out with the voice, it’s a fun experience.

NEWS: Black Friday @ Shall Not Fade

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“Our Black Friday sale starts today. Get up to 75% off Shall Not Fade essentials. 💣” – SNF

Shall Not Fade is one of my favorite Lo-fi House / Deep House labels out there. It seems every artist they sign and every album they release gets a vinyl made with a lot of copies still available. So the fact that they are giving 75% is nuts, there’s a lot of gold on their label and this is going to make a lot of collectors happy.

Late Nite WiFi by V ▲ P Y D

Anywave (A Tribute to Chuck Person) has to be my favorite track V ▲ P Y D has made to date. Probably the best remix Jojo – too little too late (and that’s including Chuck Persons version) I’ve heard to date. Chuck Person’s – eccojams A3 is great

So if you like this track, you’re going to love the rest of the album as it takes the same editing styles and classic vaporwave sounds and applies it to various other samples and popular songs. I really enjoy V ▲ P Y D‘s music and I should get him on the show one of these days because he’s a huge staple. Make sure you’re following him on twitter.

Oh, I forgot to mention this is available on cassette now for 8.50 USD. Go grab one.

BUSINESS AS USUAL by Azuresands大麻

For a second I thought the first track, THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, was sampled from that one Gulf Audio rambling of Vaporwave twitter post. Regardless, that intro was really hooking. I was really excited to hear what the number key for success… goal setting and time management. Oh and knowledge. What a funnny album. If you’re not into YT videos to teach you how to be successful, then this album is the next best thing to get you pumped. Get in that resource room!!!

Not going to lie, I listened to the whole album to see if there was anything that could be grow MTHU more. The ended starts to get more ambient but those first 3 tracks are great. This is pretty inspirational in a non ironic way. This needs to be on a cassette. Bandcamp link.

Patron XMAS Gift Announcement

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I will be announcing this publicly at noon today but obviously i want you guys to know first. I’ve been working on a book of aesthetic TV scene, commercials, News & Weather reports between the years 1980-2001. I’ve been collecting these items for inspiration for years and I’ve now compiled it into a book to inspire you.

Vaporwave Business Advice + other releases 7

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