A Vaporwave 90s sitcom + other releases

Literally the first day since I met that girl I hadn’t seen her. So I felt like I had all the time in the world to work on a normal daily news. Yet some how I took this time away to create some fantasy sitcom in my head… yeah it’s below. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Physical Releases

Midnight Calls by Xela Memories (Limited Edition Cassette)

A Vaporwave 90s sitcom + other releases 5

You have to listen to the track, 1:43AM. Listen to it first then come back and read the rest of this. I want to see if the image in your head of this song is the same as mine.

So I’m listening to this while brushing my teeth and I start getting this old 90s tv scene idea in my head.. The sample melody use in this feels straight off a 90s sitcom, like some old late night show our parents probably watched but we never got into because it wasn’t cartoons. The couches on the set are that ugly brown pattern, the floors are yellow for some reason and the father in the show is always just far enough removed from his kids life it’s an on going joke that he just does not get them.

Well in this episode, the wife and husband are having a romanic night and this is the exact some that comes on as the two dance in the living room. The camera pans to see the kids looking down the stairs embarrassed but also grateful to have such parents, at the vapor voice says “I. love. you” things fade. Damn, this is a great song.

When the commercial break is over and the show fades back in. You see the wife coming back from the kitchen with some wine and cheese all prettied up for the father and to her surprised Dad’s passed out on his recliner chair. The studio audience is told to laugh at this part and this queues for the oldest one to walk in the door with some joke about his night as he takes the cheese plate up to his room. Mom is amused but she wouldn’t have it any other way…

Did you know MTHU has Podcast on Google Podcast and iTunes?

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終末抑鬱症 by EMBA Soundsystem (Limited Edition Cassette)

Something about this ambient album gives me a strong lost tapes vibe. Obviously it starts at the album art but the mysterious chinese track list, The dark ambience and eery vocals in the background. beautifully sad.

Digital Releases

Closing Line by Zadig The Jasp & EMBA Soundsystem.

A split album with Zadig The Jasp & EMBA Soundsystem on Virtual Soundsystem records. Zadig The Jasp has a a mix of ambient and internation mall vapor? EMBA’s sound is also of the same world just in a more nostalgic sound with all the vinyl cracks. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t a cassette release.

again by OSE

Experimental hardvapor. I know there’s someone out there that loves this stuff so i had to cover it. It’s really wacky, strange and garage. Almost too much of all that. Yet some how OSE is going to be in India Dec 13th at Magnetic Fields Festival if that’s something you can go see and you like the OSE’s sound, this might be your best day of your weird life.

𝕭𝖗𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖑𝖞𝖓 𝕲𝖆𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖘 by NANCY

I’m getting strong Samurai Champloo vibes off this album. The first track, Night Shift, feels real lo-fi hip-hop but there’s just something extra and crafted about it that makes it a step above. Really beautiful melodies on this album.

So what did you guys think of today’s releases? Find anything cool or buy a cassette? Come share it with us on the discord, twitter or instagram; and hang out with other vaporwave fans!

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A Vaporwave 90s sitcom + other releases 8

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