Vaporwave Track Reviews #1

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Cursebreaker x theme – Equip

Vaporwave traditionally conforms to cityscapes and malls. Equip escapes from those realms and brings us into the world of fantasy. Fans of Castlevania and Final Fantasy will find plenty of enjoyment in Equip’s video game sounding world. This theme says it all, you know you’re in for an adventure.

Surfin’ – I Kno

An album and artist that has been under the shadows for too long. In the track Surfin’, I Kno uses complex chopping and fast paced beats to keep the grooves strong and is ready to be in more live sets. Don’t sleep on this one.

Two Of Us – Night Tempo 

The prince of City pop took a chance and explored musics outside of japan with Bill Withers; an amazing jazz artist. Sampling is smooth, vocals hit the high points and the City pop twist stands out own its own. Night Tempo delivers again~

ドリーミング – Crystal Cola

After hour vibes in an anime landscape of teenage love and unpredictable adventure. A mix of Synthwave and City pop.  


A classic from the early days when vaporwave didn’t care about music structure. This track starts with groovy bass-lines, transitions to chirpy bells and finally ends with catchy vocal sampling. VECTOR GRAPHICS is an OG with this 2015 release.

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