[video] Aquablanca Unboxing – 潜在的な雪 by 天気予報 Cassettes

I finally caved and bought a 天気予報 cassette. I’ve been a huge fan of their work since my early introduction to the Signalwave genre. When I heard these cassettes would be the last cassettes every made for the 天気予報 project, I felt the need to own one.

In this video, I open 潜在的な雪 by 天気予報 and Aquablanca (the label producing these) even added a couple of extras. If you’ve never bought from Aquablanca check this video out to see what kind of experience you’ll get buying their cassettes.

Thanks for the awesome cassettes Aquablanca!

Listen to the album here: https://aquablanca.bandcamp.com/album/- Follow Aquablanca: https://aquablanca.bandcamp.com

Check out the signalwave book I made: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0858WJT83

[video] Aquablanca Unboxing - 潜在的な雪 by 天気予報 Cassettes 3

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