Waifu Radio 2 by Fujifire Review (Cassette)

Waifu Radio 2 Cassette by FujiFire - Viewed from the front

FujiFire‘s Waifu Radio 2 is one of the first albums I think of when someone says “Future Funk” or “Anime Wave”. It has everything you’re looking for in a future funk album such as lightly sprinkled side chain for flavor, soft and hard cuts to feed your hip hop needs, Japanese sampling that feels fresh and new even if you’ve heard the source material, and those classic fade in and outs with the filters on them. The only thing this album is missing is a heavily accented name drop by a female voice over at the right moment. You are now listening to FujiFire.

What really draws me to this album is the perfect mixture of Future Funk and Anime Groove. FujiFire really makes this album live up to its name. The track Do It For Love and Falling in Love (feat. Strawberry Station) shows that FujiFire really knows how to make a classic Future Funk hit. Add in the seductive song Kawaii Disco Fever (feat. Anipai) to see the other mastery in this album, Anime Groove. You even get your experimental sounding bops like See your Face coming into play, which has become one of my favorite songs on this album.

Waifu Radio 2 Cassette by FujiFire

The folks over at First Class Collective know what they’re doing. They are dubbed, printed, and labeled the cassettes from one of the most inspirational diy setups I’ve ever seen. They even have some super secret Dolby tools to help improve the sound quality and get the most from their setup making the DIY tapes feel professionally dubbed. These are definitely high quality.

Waifu Radio 2 Cassette by FujiFire

This was a great album to listen to all the way through. I really like the work put out by FujiFire for this one and I really hope this will come out on more physical media sometime in the future. I know I’m not the only one. FujiFire can be found on Twitter, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.


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