Waking Up Early with Bobby Brown and Home Entertainment Revolutions

What a title but that is what we have today. a great remix of a Bobby Brown classic. A chill synth album that brings back memories of a particular architecture. and finally a blast of the optimistic past of entertainment. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram

Finesse by Shiruetto

Shiruetto has taken the wildly popular song: Bobby Brown – Every Little Step and made it unique and popping. Perfect danciablity and actually stands on it’s own. Which is impressive for such a well known track. Great single and tbh someone should edit the original music video to this.

Home Entertainment Revolution by HEAVENSOFT天国

This album is a trip, stating: “althought reminiscient of the technological optimism of the late 90’s, still invokes a feeling of an exciting future in entertainment.”

For example, Today and Tomorrow starts off with this chime that reminds me of a computer booting up and the the track becomes great background music for an instructional 90s VHS.

The track 構成設定 reminds me of the joy of seeing 3D animation for the first time like Bugs Life and Toy Story (1). Maybe the menu screen of those first DVDs I got as a kid?

But HEAVENSOFT天国 saves the best track for last as the track Home Entertainment Revolution brings all the optimism of the future and brings it back home to the dark uncertain future with a heavy grand piano in the lower octaves and a voice that doesn’t make you feel comfortable with the situation.

Overall it’s a great composition album and one, like Aheros’ ULTIMA FLUX, wouldn’t exist without vaporwave.

Cubed Blocks by Light Blending In

I’m sure growing up we all saw those weird glass brinks at school or at a church annex or even McDonalds, it seemed to be a cheap design alternative during that period of time. I don’t really see it any more but you know how vapor likes to do bring back memories in music forms. Light Blending In is calling this architectural style “Cubed Blocks” and has an album fill of tracks that… i wouldn’t say describes my memories of these blocks but that doesn’t matter as the music is great.

It’s this collective of electronic upbeat, dreamy synths and vibrations. For example the track Waking Up Early, we hear rain pattering on the glass. A wavy synth that ripples outwards and a drum beat that defines what chill wave is for me. Soon we get two accompaniments of a saw wave synth then a dreamy pad. Great mix of the two sounds and really describes that morning mystery of what the day hold ahead, thanks to waking up early.

Overall what stands out the most for me in this album is the percussion (listen to Left Foot, Right Foot amazing!) and the unique blend of synths. Some of the synths feel like they would be too harsh music of this softness but Light Blending In makes it work.

Cassettes are available on Virtual Dream Plaza for a limited time. Bandcamp link.

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Waking Up Early with Bobby Brown and Home Entertainment Revolutions 5

Waking Up Early with Bobby Brown and Home Entertainment Revolutions 6

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