Website updates for 2020 The future of MTHU

Website updates for 2020 The future of MTHU 5
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Hey everyone!

We’re getting closer to the end of the year and as such I’ve been thinking deeply about how I can turn MTHU around and make it even bigger. Over the last year MTHU has gone through a lot of changes in how content is severed for people to find new music. I thought daily releases would be a good idea but after a year of fiddling with different styling, the commentary, podcast, videos, twitter videos, etc etc. It hasn’t really done much for me in growth. I don’t think it’s done much for artists either unfortunately.

So coming in 2020, I’m completely changing how MTHU the website is going to work. It’s going to become a portal for finding new music in the scene. With sections including physical releases, digital releases, sponsored music and more. All this with advance searching, sorting and better discovery. The advantage is instead of every day having a daily release article, you just see a beautiful grid of albums just released. See exactly what physical releases are out by image not words and overall just a more to the point experience.

preview of current albums page. subject to change.
preview of current albums page. subject to change.

That doesn’t mean commentary and reviews are going away. the “blog” will become a secondary tab on the website but the homepage will also show newest blog posts in a small section to let people know what’s up. Just not the main focus any more. This also allows me to not be so stressed about writing a review for every album I want people to know about, like I’ve been doing for almost a year for over 1000 different projects. It’s tiring, stressful and no one is looking at it anyway.

People can easily look at a grid of albums and images, see what’s new and decide to listen to it, as it should be. So to see what that sort of looks like, I’ve been HAND programming a new section on the website called albums, which will ultimately become the new front page after I program better sorting and categorization.

You can see that here

Whats even better is every album I post has the option to show a small mini-review. so artists also now get a specific page for their album and a possible review which I think is much more beneficial than a single blog post with a lot of reviews on it. (example:

If you have any ideas (specifically artists) on better ways I can help get music promoted for everyone, please let me know on twitter or instagram

Happy Holidays~


BTW, we still have some hoodies and long sleeve shirts available with Anti Vapor Vaporwave on it. Get one for your vapor friends for Christmas.

Website updates for 2020 The future of MTHU 6

Website updates for 2020 The future of MTHU 7

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