When the vapor is just too strong

Some days I am just the luckiest guy in vapor. I listen to so much new vaporwave albums every day for these daily releases and some times it feels more like machine work than a connection. Today is one of those outstanding days where every track I heard brought nostalgic please to my ears. So come join me in this wonderful day and listen to some wonderful music.

Feelin’ (The Armbrister Couch, Vol. 2) // DMT​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​780 by Caliente Mirage

Apparently this is a dual sequel album of tracks “Armbrister Couch ⤧” and “⇐⇓CHATAM チャットハム” which are unknown tracks to me but significant enough for Caliente Mirage to release a whole album about those track. This is actually a mix of vaporwave but the percussion is very harsh maxed lo-fi house in some way. Which leads me to believe this was pushing towards industrial vapor, maybe. It’s actually a cool little album (and the first one I listened to today).

Therapy Session by ll nøthing ll

Unfortunately I’m reporting on this release a little too late as the cassette sold out but you shouldn’t pass on listening to the album. There is actually something very therapeutic in each track. The first one, 療法セッション, feels lo-fi hip-hop in that “This song will make me focus on my homework” kind of way.

Then the second track, それは痛い, actually hit me way harder than I was expecting. The sampling on this is suburb and really reaches those early days of me finding vaporwave. The repetitiveness but perfect balance of effects and slow downs in the vocals feel really deep and sad but hopeful. It’s an odd feeling because it’s been such a long time I’ve had that from vaporwave.

ll nøthing ll actually released this back in 2017, so if you want to grab this digitally support the artist on their official bandcamp, here for only $2.00.

Sentimental Transmission by 天気予報

What is going on today, how have 3 vapor related albums release and each one I’m loving instantly. Crumbling memories is so melancholy yet reminds me of a failed space voyage with the ambience reverb. As if the ship is lost in the deep depths of the unknown and there’s nothing but darkness that awaits.

This album is a little different in the typical signalwave sound as it sticks closer to the ambience and use of repetitive

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To you baby, with love by TUPPERWAVE (Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl)

TUPPERWAVEs’ most popular album is now out on Palm \’84 with a beaitufl transparent crystal clear vinyl. Which is actually a collaboration with Ʋ. It’s been a while since I heard about Ʋ. Glad to see they are back in the game.

WAVESTYLE by 波のスタイルwavestyle96

波のスタイルwavestyle96’s debut album on Palm ’84. A collection of 19 classic vapor tracks. More on a chill side of vapor, might make better music for background noise than any big hits but great to see a new artist on the label. Check out the tracks Tokyo Skyline (reminds me of track off a early 80s beat em up), WETTT and PALMS.

News – Aloe City Records

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“The vinyl edition of 大理石のファンタジー is just over a month away 😎‬‪These will go up for sale on the 12th of December in three batches at 8AM, 2PM and 8PM GMT. ‬‪We’ve got an extra special surprise planned for the drop too! 💖‬”


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