Why Signalwave Matters (to me)

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Signalwave, a strange radio and tv based sub genre of vaporwave has left a lot of people wondering is it just sound collage with another name? I think not. In the episode I discuss why I think signalwave matters and how stands on its own as a genre.

My favorite signalwave artists / albums:

scenery by 空気系

The above still has a cassette available, which I own, totally worth adding to your collection. A beautiful mix up of signals, japanese broadcasts and the feeling of super breeze. All tied into a wonderful package.

now it’s dark… by identity crisis

You’re left alone in your room, the storms outside won’t let up but luckily you have the radio to keep you informed on how bad things are outside. Will you have to run to your bathroom for cover or will the storm finally end. It’s now dark and all that’s left is your battery powered radio. It’s going to be a long night.

季節変更 by 天気予報

A hopeful balance of breaking weather news and music to keep the morning bright. Maybe it rains, maybe the sun is out, or maybe it’s windy. Start your day off right.. start your dat off informed.

Want to make your own signalwave?

Someone on reddit left a comment about this massive collection of weather related broadcasts.

I hope I’m doing this right: https://mega.nz/#!A0kkXQrB!BuvwxOMSGdp8VMXrwepOtKpXpagVPl-Ps6yzKuCewVU

That there is 1,420 songs in 99 folders. I know I saw some duplicates from month to month but for completion’s sake I left those in.

Edit 2 years later: link died, here’s some necromancy: https://mega.nz/#F!mqxiSIII!DT7N0QDeYmEdVXHVvtrokw

So here’s 1420 songs / broadcasts that you can use to make your own signalwave. Just grab a DAW and start mixing. Send me a link to your album when it’s out! Let me know on twitter

Album review

Review of my favorite signalwave album:

False Narrative, this album totally captured my imagination of an older Japan and I made my own little experience in relation to listening to it. Funny how in this video I was talking about moving to Japan with Sparkly Night. Been there / Done that. Japan was cool, the future funk shows in Japan was great, but Japan isn’t a place for me to live. oh well.

Why Signalwave Matters (to me) 5

Why Signalwave Matters (to me) 6

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